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BBNaija Vote: How To Vote For The Housemates From Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa And Other Countries

As popular as the reality show Big Brother is, a lot of individuals find it very hard to vote for their favorite choice or Housemates. 

This might be due to many reasons such as network, inability to operate a mobile, confusion on the voting website and other aspects that can allow one not to know how to vote or vote wisely without any form of issue.

Irrespective of the country you are dwelling in, there are different methods in which you can vote for your Bbnaija favourite housemate

There are several steps you are going to take, and you need to learn them, be calm, vigilant and open your intelligent quotient as the voting requirements are provided in this article below. 

How To Vote BBNaija Based On Country

As said above, there are different methods by which you can vote for your favorite housemates based on the country you are living at the moment and we are going to explore and list the procedures below. 

How To Vote From Ghana

Following the due process for voting, you can vote your favorite housemates from Ghana by following the Bbnaija voting steps listed below. 

Till today, there are only two available steps that you can use to vote for your favorite in the big brother reality show season 7  if you are from ghana. 

Following different procedures, the votes can come from website and mobile site, Dstv, and Gotv app. 

The dstv and gotv voting is confined to active subscribers in some selected countries and with an eligible package. 

As an audience member, if you want to vote in the site or mobile app, you will have to input your registration details such as your full name, date of birth, gender, your location and as well you will have to input your phone number. 

For you to vote for your favorite housemates using the website or mobile app, visit Africa Magic portfolio on brother. Here, you can give your favorite housemate a vote up to 100 In numbers. 

If you want to vote for your favorite housemates on the dstv and get an app, you just need to be an active user and as well with a good eligibility status.

As said earlier, the number of votes that you can give depends on how active you are when using dstv and go tv, the type of your package and as well your eligibility status. Below are some packages and the numbers of votes you can give to your favorite housemate. 

A premium Bue/Mega can give a total vote of 2500, compact series will give a total vote of 1500 and 750 respectively, 

Countries And Their Voting Requirements

Like it was said before, voting through my dstv and go tv app is dependent on the country you are staying in.

Countries like Nigeria Botswana, Ghana, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Ugandan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Benin, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Congo, Cameroon, Chad, ivory coast, Guinea Bissau, Gabon and Rwanda can vote using the Dstv app

While countries like Nigeria, Botswana, Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Mauritius, and Uganda can vote using my GOtv app. 

Issues You Might Encounter

During the registration and voting processes, you will need to receive an OTP to the number you have inputted in your registration details. If you did not receive the OTP, that means you might have put your phone on DND( do not disturb) or maybe you may have a network issue.

To Fix this, try to contact your network host provider or try troubleshooting your devices. 

What Is The Vote Limit

When voting for your housemate on the big brother Naija show, there is a limit to the number of votes you can render. On a website or mobile app, the maximum amount of votes you can give is 100 while on Dstv or got an app, the number of votes you can give depends on your package.

The higher your package, the higher number of votes you can give and vice versa. 

Voting is free on the website although a little data charges may be applied. 

According to big brother naija terms and conditions, all the votes must comply and must be verified by Deloitte so for a better understanding and secured votes, try to always read the term and condition of voting as published on Africa brother. 

When Is Voting Time

Bbnaija vote is always opened every Monday after the nomination show at 8pm and usually close on thursday night around 9pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

About Voting requirements and procedures, these are some questions that may put you on track.

After The Closing Period Can I Still Cast My Vote For My Favourite Housemates?

There is nothing like a voting extension or grace period. BBnaija always works with the time and when the deadline for voting has passed, it cannot be extended again except if it is so crucial to do so.

Is There Any Gift For Those Who Vote? 

As it seems now, voting is free and there is no promise to those who vote for their favourites.

Are There Any Prizes Given To The Viewers? 

Yes, you can check on the BBnaija site, there are some promos and cash gifts viewers can win if they meet the requirements.