Big Brother Titans

What is Big Brother Titans?

Are you interested in applying for the Big Brother Titans? Curious about what this new Big Brother Show is about? Or do you want to gather more information before you apply for the show? You’ve come to the right article. This article offers a comprehensive breakdown of what the Big Brother Titans is about. Read on to learn more.

What is Big Brother Titans?

Towards the end of the concluded Big Brother Season, a new season known as the Big Brother Titans was announced. Following this announcement, Big Brother Naija Fans from all over the Country, has been anticipating this new show and inquiring what the show is about. In this article we will answer all questions concerning the Big Brother Titian and more. So let’s get started!

What is Big Brother Titans?

The Big Brother Titans is a special season from the Big Brother reality show, scheduled to run from in 2023.The show will portray a mixture of the Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi. That is to say that the show will be hosting Nigerian and South African housemates. The reality show will be displaying a fascinating twist and bustling drama from both countries. Viewers should expect the explosion of drama and intriguing activities, as the Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi come to play.

Big Brother Naija VS Big Brother Mzansi

The Big Brother reality has gained over millions viewers across the world and two of the most popular shows is the Big Brother Naija and the Big Brother Mzansi. Here is a highlight of the two shows:

Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija is quite a popular show in Nigeria and has had about seven seasons as at 2022. The show has housed several contestants since 2006 and has consistently offered nothing but a full package of drama and entertainment. Viewers are presented with different housemate, with different background and perspectives, which gives the show a taste of reality and drama.

Housemates are engaged in several intriguing activities, from cultural displays, games, awareness programs and wild parties. The main highlight of the Big Brother Naija is the Naija vibe, fans reactions on social media, the parties and cultural display.

The host of the show is the popular figure, who was once a Big Brother Naija house, Ebuka. Ebuka can be said to be another highlight of the show, with his admirable fashion sense and expert hosting abilities, viewers look forward to seeing him every Sunday throughout the show.  From the very first two seasons, to  See Gombe,the Double Wahala, pepper dem, lockdown, shine your eyes and level up, viewers must admit that the Big brother Naija show is a blast.

Big Brother Mzansi

Big Brother Mzansi is a show from the Big Brother reality show set in South Africa. This show was formerly known as Big Brother South Africa and is produced by M-Net and Endemol. The show just like the Big Brother Naija is also popular in South Africa and has gathered quite a lot of fans and viewers over the years. This show has a total of 6 seasons, after it launch since 2014.

The first Big Brother Mzansi season saw the combo of different personalities, which in turn generated hot drama. After the success of the first season, the Big Brother Mzanzi show has been giving it hot back to back. One of the major highlight of this shows its display of the cultural heritage of South Africa.

South Africa is big in culture and this is basically displayed even in the tiniest activity and Big Brother Mzansi did a great job. Let’s not forget the Drama. The show has been offering the drama back to back, serving it hot and intriguing.

What will be the outcome of the Big Brother Titans?

There has been an air of excitement all over the country, as big brother fans rejoice over the combo of Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi. The Big Brother Titans isn’t a specials season for no reason, with the combination of the Naija vibe and South African drama, we are sure that the show will be a blast. The main source of the excitement is that we don’t know what to expect, but with Big Brother and the much we know from both shows, it’s no doubt that the show will be a roller coaster ride, from drama to cultural engagement.

We are also told to expect a unification of both Nigeria and South Africa, as the show will x-ray the common traits of these two buzzing African countries. The combination of two shows will not just add a twist to the big brother reality show, but is also set to promote the two cultures, create a bonding effect and offer the viewer’s maximum entertainment.

What is the Prize for the Winner of Big Brother Titans?

During the announcement of the Big Brother Titans, only the date of premiere and open date of application was announced. So for the time been, there’s no known prize for the winner of the show. However, the prize will be as massive as the entire show, both in terms of cash and sponsorship. As Big Brother fans, we already know how massive the prizes of the show can be. Now compared to combination of two different shows, it’s no doubt that the prize for Big Brother Titans will be massive.

Audition for Big Brother Titans and application Deadline

Following the conclusion of the Big Brother Naija season 7, it was announced that a special series known as Big Brother Titans will premiere in 2023. The audition for the show is set to start from October 6th to October 22, 2022. All interested candidates from Nigeria and South Africa are free to audition. Visit the big brother official page to apply.


Every fan of the Big Brother reality show looks forward to the special season of the show, known as Big Brother Titans. We’ve considered the necessary information and possible questions regarding the Big Brother Titans. So if you are interested in applying for the show, you’ve completed the first step. The next step is audition. Kindly visit for more information on the Big Brother Titans show.