big brother naija season 7

Who won Season 7 of Big Brother Naija?

Are you interested in Big Brother Naija Season 7? Are you curious on who the winner of the show is? We’ve got you covered! This content covers all you need to know about the Big Brother Naija Season 7, including the winner and the highlight of the show. Learn more below!

Who won Big Brother Naija Season7?

who won big brother naija season 7?

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 themed” Level Up” was won by Phyna, also known by her birth name Ijeoma Josphina Otabor. After 72 days of intense drama, she defeated 28 other Big Brother Naija contestants, including four runners ups and won the grand prize of N100 million. The grand prize also included an N50 million cash prize, an SUV from Innoson Motors, and many other consolation prizes from sponsors of the show.

About the Big Brother Naija Season 7

Big Brother Naija Season 7

Big Brother Naija Season 7 themed “Level Up” premiered on 23 and 24 July 2022. The show was hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. The show ran for a total of 72 days and featured about 28 housemates. The main sponsor of the show was Pocket by Piggeyvest. Other sponsors include Flutterwave, Techno mobile, lush hair, Munch It, Pepsi, WAW Nigeria, and so many others. The grand prize for the winner of the show was N100 Million, including the N50 million cash prize and N50 million worth of gift prizes from various sponsors.

Fun Facts about Phyna

big brother Naija Season 7

  • Phyna was born in Lagos State on June 2, 1997.
  • She was born in Edo state.
  • Despite her childhood desire to be a scientist, she is an Auchi Polytechnic engineering graduate.
  • The 25-year-old reality television star is also an actress, model, and publicist.
  • On July 23, 2022, Phyna became the 10th housemate in the 7th season of Big Brother Naija (Level Up).
  • She promised to bring all of the energy, ginger, and vibes to the HouseHouse, and she delivered on all counts.
  • As a result of her entertaining personality, she is the first reality TV contestant to get Biggie to chant her slang, ‘Who dey.’
  • Phyna broke a house curse by becoming the first Level 2 housemate to be crowned Head of House.
  • She established a sizable Twitter following, gaining over 100,000 followers in 72 days and trending several times.
  • She was also the first and only female housemate to become verified on Instagram a few weeks into the show, with 579,930 followers at the time of this report.
  • Following the disqualification of Beauty Tukura from the show, Phyna and Groovy (considered by many to be the ladies’ man) became a ‘thing.’
  • Aside from dancing and hyping, Phyna demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills, particularly during weekly wager presentations, and established herself as a strong contender.
  • She was declared the winner of the show’s grand finale on October 2, 2022, after receiving 40.74% of the final votes, ahead of Bryann, who received 26.74% of the total votes cast.
  • Phyna won the N100 million grand prize, which included an N50 million cash prize and N50 million in sponsor prizes, becoming the second female winner of Nigeria’s most-watched reality TV show.
  • After winning, she said, “Nigeria should brace itself for me.” They have no idea what I am planning to propose.” “I am grateful for the opportunity to be here, and the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary,” she said. “I just want to say thank you to Big Brother and my fans.”

Highlight of Big Brother Naija Season 7

big brother naija season 7

Big Brother Naija Season 7 was quite an interesting one. The show provided viewers with some twists and turns. If you missed the show, then you sure did miss a lot. But the highlight below will give you an insight into what happened in Big Brother Naija Season 7:

Levels 1 & 2

Biggie split the housemates into two separate houses at the start of this year’s show, naming them level 1 and level 2. The organizers not only gave viewers two channels to watch the show on, DSTV and Govt, but they also changed the eviction process. The creation of the two levels sparked fierce competition among viewers, who tried not to miss any action on both levels at the same time.

Before the two levels merge, the winner of the Head of House (HOH) games from either Level 1 or Level 2 was to save the rest of his housemates from eviction and nominations. The level 2 housemates were dubbed “the trenches house with more talents,” whereas the level 1 housemates walked with confidence as they occupied a beautiful house and won the much-coveted HOH game. Unfortunately for level 2 housemates, level 1 housemates later dominated the nomination and eviction process until both levels merged.

Expulsion of Beauty

Beauty Tukura was disqualified on August 7, 2022, for violating and disobeying the house rules. Beauty was given a strike during the first week of the show for an altercation with Ilebaye. She pulled Ilebaye’s wig after a verbal altercation, and on August 6, she threw her wig and glasses and attempted to break Groovy’s microphone due to a misunderstanding.

Big Brother finally hit her twice. Beauty was the first housemate to receive a strike and be disqualified in the second week of the show.

Riders have been made public.

The arrival of two “rider housemates” altered the course of the show. Rachael and Chizzy, the duo, were introduced during the third week eviction night show. Obi-Uchendu previously stated that the rider housemates were Biggie’s agents, making them ineligible for the N100 million grand prizes.

According to him, they will not be evicted and will be able to play until the end of the show. He stated that the rider’s housemates would be involved in all house tasks and activities. Chizzy became the fans’ favorite as the competition progressed, and the riders were eventually evicted on Friday night.

Disqualification of Amaka

Amaka’s eviction surprised viewers after she fell victim to Biggie’s twist. When she was nominated for immediate eviction, viewers were taken aback. After Big Brother asked all of the housemates to nominate two other contestants for immediate eviction, Amaka received the most nominations. Some of Amaka’s housemates were upset when she left.

It was the first of its kind, and the audience was disappointed that they couldn’t save her. Amaka was thought to be a strong contender for the prize by some viewers because she displayed a lot of content and vibes in the House and was saved twice by her fans.

The Polyamorous relationship of Hermes

The friendship between Hermes and Allysn was, without a doubt, one of the season’s highlights. Despite Hermes’ admission that he has two outside partners, Allysn remained close to him until two weeks ago, when she was evicted. Hermes had informed the viewers that he was polyamorous, a type of relationship in which everyone involved had the opportunity to grow both individually and collectively.

Following his eviction, he stated that Allysyn would be his third girlfriend, but she stated that, despite having a genuine connection with him, she would prefer to focus on herself and respect his dynamic relationship.

Fake roommates

Another topic of discussion during the level-up season was the introduction of two phony housemates. Ebuka introduced Modella and Deji as two phony housemates and assigned them a secret mission in their respective levels during the second week of the show. Deji was given the task of causing problems in the HouseHouse by complaining about his coworkers on level 1, whereas Modella was given the task of causing a schism among the House’sHouse’s lovers.

Ebuka previously stated that the couple would not be nominated for eviction or win the show. He also said they could be asked to leave at any time. Deji, on the other hand, completed his assignment. But Modella found it difficult to create a schism between lovers on her level. She claimed that she had to warm up to the couple she would have preferred to take on.

Level three is a contentious neighborhood.

As the show’s final weeks approached, viewers were taken aback by the addition of another level 3 house. Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy were evicted from the newly furnished level 3 house on September 11, 2022. The shocking new twist came when Ebuka revealed that, despite being evicted. Big Brother had decided to keep the housemates as guests until September 18. Then, they would be moved to join the other housemates.

The evicted housemates were to return to the main House. So as to participate in house tasks with the remaining housemates. A twist that some viewers felt was unfair to some housemates, such as Amaka, whose eviction was described as “heartbreaking.”


Big Brother Naija season 7 was an interesting show. Viewers from all parts of the country were engaged in the show. Following the many twists and turns introduced in the show, the show was unpredictable and even more thrilling. We’ve covered some of the highlights of the show, including the winner of the show. For more information on Big Brother reality shows, visit