who are the organizers of Big Brother Naija?

Who are the organizers of Big Brother Naija?

Are you a fan of Big Brother Naija? Curious about who the organizers of the show are? We’ve got the information you need. This article covers all you need to know about the organizers of Big Brother Naija, including the sponsors, founder, producers and more. Let’s get started!

Who are the organizers of Big Brother Naija?

who are the organizers of Big Brother Naija?

Big Brother Naija, also known by the name Big Brother Nigeria, is a reality show and competition based on the Big Brother Television Franchise. The show features a large isolated house, which comprises contestants who compete for a large prize. The contestants are under 24-hours surveillance cameras and are being watched by viewers on national television. The show has, over the years, gained much attention from fans in Nigeria and outside the country. The first season of BBnaija the show aired in 2006, and the show has had about seven seasons as of the point this article was written.

 The show involves an audition and nomination process and a voting system verified by the auditing company of Alexander-Forbes. The show had seen several winners, both male and female, as viewers voted for their favorite housemates. But you might wonder who the organizers of Big Brother Naija are. To answer this question, we will consider who the owner of Big Brother Naija is, the sponsors and how the show is financed below:

Who is the owner of Big Brother Naija?

Big Brother Naija has been offering fans from all over the country premium entertainment since 2006, but little is known about the owner or organizers of the show. So who is the actual owner of Big Brother Naija? Big Brother Naija is not owned by one individual. Rather it is reported to be owned by a group of persons. The show has, however, been reported to have changed ownership several times, but the show is currently owned by the Banjau Group of companies.

The Banjay Group of companies creates entertainment across over 20 countries and has gained profound attention in the entertainment world. The company is known to be in charge of other famous reality shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Survivor. It is also known to be responsible for the fictional hit film; Peaky Blinders, Mr. Bean and many other films.

Who is the Founder of Big Brother Naija?

who are the organizers of Big Brother Naija?

The Big Brother Naija show is known to be currently owned by the Banjay Group of Companies, but it was originally founded by John de Mol. Jr. John de Mol Jr is a Dutch billionaire who made his fortune as a TV producer and media Mogul. He is also known as the creator of the popular show The Voice and Fear Factor. It was reported that the premiere of BIG Brother Naija was drawn from the classic fiction novel known Nineteen Eight-Four. The novel tells the dystopian world in which there are cameras and audio microphones on everyone in society. In the story, the footage of everyone’s movement s watched by the police, which is the inspiration for the show. The main show Big Brother Naija, while adopting this novel’s setting, features a house where housemates are confined and restricted from the outside world for a number of weeks.

Who is the producer of Big Brother Naija?

The Big Brother Naija franchise is partly owned by Multichoice (Nigeria) in Nigeria. Africa Magic is its subsidiary, as they host the show. The producer of the show is known as Red Peppers Pictures, which is a South African Company. Sometimes the host of the show Chukwuebuka Obi-Ucgendu is said to be the CEO or producer of the show, but this is not true as he is only a host of the franchise. However, his constant participation and premium hosting are crucial parts of the show.

Although Big Brother Naija is under the Banijay Group of Companies, the show is also funded by several sponsors. Notice that some of the games and activities in the house are being sponsored by some prominent companies or firms in Nigeria. The extra benefit awarded by the winner of the show is also from sponsors of the show. Due to the popularity of the show, Big Brother Naija has had many sponsors from season 1 till season 7.

Some of the prominent sponsors of Big Brother Naija include Payporte, Pepsi, Abeg, Bet9ja, Dano Milk, Munch it, Boomplay, Tecno Mobile, Lush hair, Piggeyvest, and lots more. The headline sponsor for Big Brother Seasons 1, 2 and 3 was Payporte. For season 6, it was Abeg, with Patricia as the associate sponsor. For season 7, Pocket by Piggeyvest and associate sponsor flutter wave and season 5, Flutterwave. These sponsors are part of the organizers of Big Brother Naija, as they offer financial support to the show.

Who is the owner, and where is the Big Brother House Located?

Where is the BBnaija house located?

The owner of the Big Brother House is the organizer of the show, as each house is prepared for each show. The Big Brother house plays a crucial role in the success of the show. Many wonder about the location of the house, as some conclude it is in Nigeria and others in South Africa. However, it is important to note that Big Brother Naija does not have one location, as there are several series, and each series has a unique house. When the reality show first started in 2006, the Big Brother house was located in South Africa.

The second season was also featured in South Africa, although there was an 11 years gap between the first and second show. Since it’s termed Naija, the show was later brought to Nigeria. So the Big Brother Naija house moved to Lagos, where it is reported to be in the town of Llupeju.


Fans of Big Brother Naija will agree that the show is quite an entertaining and engaging one. The organizers of the Big Brother Naija and contestants indeed offered viewers a complete package of entertainment. We’ve considered the organizers of Big Brother Naija, the sponsors and where the big brother house is located. There is more to enjoy as the show continues to provide engaging series. For more info on Big Brother Naija, kindly visit bbtitans.com.