BBnaija 2021

BBNaija 2021: Housemates, Winner, Prize And Finalists

BBnaija 2021 is a great season of the reality tv show which is said to be the season 6 with a motor called shine ya eye. It is said to be one of the best season from the  reality tv show. 

 It was full of fun and stories, new houses and lots were invested in the big brother naija house so as to make it very cool and lively.

Apart from that, the finalist had an increment in cash prizes and other gifts as well unlike the last season.

One thing that made the reality show, bbnaija 2021 to be precise interesting and fascinating is the tasks that were assigned to the housemates by big(the man behind the thick voice) 

A lot of scenes and dramas happened in big brother naija ( bbnaija 2021 in which we are going to explore some of them below. 

In this article, you would learn about the scenes that happened in the big brother naija house, from the beginning and as well you will get to know the names of the housemates that were present. 

This is not all as you are going to learn about the winner, the prize he was given and went home with, as well as the finalists in the house so let get started. 

BBNaija 2021, How It Started

Just like every other audition show for big brother naija, the audition dates were released and dropped and several people applied for the show but among all, the luckily selected beings were chosen to be among the housemates and will be present in the show. 

It went well and good and on the entry day of big brother naija 2021, many viewers are interested to see the faces of the lucky ones who find their way to the big brother naija house. 

It all started with boys, they brought in only boys that night and on the second night, they brought in girls. 

Some funny scenes happened during the beginning as the guys formed and keep quite not to welcome any girl as planned in which they all cooperate together and finally they fucked up and burn their own beans, lol. 

The show begins well and all the housemates were together in an apartment and as well in one group and the show kicked up fully. 

There were about 22 housemates that were in the big brother naija house the first week but some other housemates were brought in one after the other. 

And if you get confused about the total housemates that were present in big brother naija 2021(bbnaija 2021) here is the list of the housemates that are present in the reality tv show below. 

Bbnaija 2021 Housemates 

Big brother naija season 6 has some beautiful and handsome beings that they harbored in the house. Below is a short list of the total number of housemates present from the beginning of the show till the end and including the one they brought in and one that were evicted. 

Angel, whitemoney, liquorose, Emmanuel,Pere, Maria, arin, saga, nini, Beatrice, boma who was said to be the first housemate, tega, cross, Jackie B, jaypaul, sasuke, niyi, peace, princess, sammie, yousef, yerins are the main character that first entered the show and in the long run, other housemates were brought in like queen and Micheal. 

The Two Wild Cards In The House

Before the reality show started, bigi set out two wild cards who are said not to be among the main housemates but they can benefits from the stuff going on in the house like other housemates e.g winning games and the rest but if they are detected, they will be expelled from the house because they were just chosen as a normal being and not like the main housemates who passed through different route before they can reach the reality tv show. 

Bigi instructed and told the housemates in a gathering that there is two wild cards among them and he told them that if majority of them can get the names of the two wild cards between a week or two weeks, the wildcards will be evicted but if they guessed wrong, the wildcard will be allowed to stay and will be like other housemates that are present in the house. 

The Housemates Where Shocked On The Wild Card Results

After searching for the wild card and the housemates mentioning several people who they feel that would likely be the wild card, they were taken aback when the results were heard and it was opposite to what they were thinking, majority of them guessed wrong as they were surprised to see Maria and Pere to be the wildcard. The two wild cards acted well and you cannot smell a rat on them. 

The Eviction Show Started

The real game began as housemates were nominating each other for who will be on eviction and the eviction night coming through, the housemates were evicted from weeks to weeks making the game to be more interesting and to catch people’s attention. 

Something Interesting Happened 

When it got to a time where they want to know the five(5) finalist that would remained at the end of the show, bigi brought up a plan as he evicted both angel and Pere whom people doesn’t see that coming for Pere because it was believed that he had more votes than that of angel. 

However, they were not sent out finally from the house as they were locked in a room to play a game that put a pressure on them and on the viewers. 

After the game was played, Angel came out to be the fastest and the winner and eventually both of them found their way to the house at last. 

The finalists 

Amid all evictions that take place from the beginning of the show till the grand finale, some housemates see themselves progress to the grand finale which was the final. Angel, Emmanuel, liquorice, whitemkney, Pere and cross all find themselves to be in the grand finale. 

The Winner Of The Show (BBNaija 2021) 

BBnaija 2021

After all dramas that happened in the house and all who got to the grand finale, however, only one winner will be chosen and after the performances and dances on the grand finale day, whitemoney eventually becomes the winner where he left liquorose to be the second runner up. 

The Prizes He Received

White money receives prizes up to 80 million in naira which include a car, a house and other free tips like free supply of goods and as well free travel for a year. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some questions that will help you, check them out below.

Did liquorose Win Big Brother Naija?

No, although she is the first runner-up, she didn’t win the show. The winner was whitemoney.

Have The Housemates Done The Reunion Party? 

Yes, the Bbnaija reunion party for 2021 have been concluded before the reality show for 2022 commenced.