nini bbnaija biography

Nini BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth And Others

What do you know about BBnaija Nini Biography? Among all the other great applicants and housemates in the reality tv show, big brother naija season 6 shine ya eye, this wonderful girl known as Nini has been known popularly for how she performed on the show making her reach many millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

Nini BBnaija biography

This beautiful lady who goes by the name Anita Singh popularly known as Nini is a young economist and fashion entrepreneur that was born in the country Nigeria. 

Before entering big brother Naija, she already made money but she was lucky to be among the selected few female housemates who were lucky to have made it into the big brother Naija show. 

Although she had several fans on social media before coming to the reality tv show, since she arrived there, she has come to the limelight gaining the heart of several fans and gaining lots of opportunities inside and outside the show. 

There is more to explore about Nini. In this article, you are going to know more about her, her full biography, how she started her career, her education, her personality, and many other things that relate to her life. Cross your legs and sip your wine as they are revealed in detail below. 

Nini BBnaija Biography, Who Is She

As said earlier in this article, Nini is one of the selected females who are lucky to win the race of coming to the big brother house. She is a gentle comrade and has lots of personalities that this article will cover. 

Nini BBNaija Biography

Anita Singh popularly known as Nini is a pure Edo girl with an American or nice accent. She was born and brought up in the city of Benin, Edo state by a family of Mr. and Mrs. Singh. 

Nini BBnaija biography

Nini’s father is from an Indian country while her mom is Nigerian. She grew up with her mum and was brought up in the Auchi area around Edo state. 

In a conference meeting according to her, she is not the only daughter of the family but she has up to 5 more siblings making a total of 6 children in the family. Among the 6 children, she came third. 

This is not where it ends, there is still more to reveal about this fashionist. Let’s get to see her education and career profile. 

Her Education 

Born and brought up in Auchi, Edo state, the reality tv star attended primary and completed his secondary school around the same Auchi.

The primary and secondary school she attended could not be traced, or maybe she doesn’t like revealing them. 

Although his career didn’t end there, he later furthered to the city of Abuja where he gained admission into the prestigious university of Abuja to study pure and applied economics which she later went on for NYSC training in the year 2019. 

Her Career

Nini was very passionate about success and she wants to employ herself I.e she does not like to work under anyone(self-employment).

This triggered her to be more serious about her life and she was fully committed to growing her entrepreneurship lifestyle. 

At the moment, she is the CEO of the company F-bub which started in early 2021. This company deals with fashion and designer stuff such as men and women’s shoes, clothes, and several shelters pertaining to men and women.

This is a huge inspiration for the reality star and according to her, her motivation for going into a business that deals with fashion sense is because she might never find a decent shop anytime she wants to get an outfit around Abuja. 

Nini BBnaija Biography: How She Began The BBNaija Event

Mini had a great journey in the big brother Naija show, she came and gave people the entertainment they needed which made people love her even more.

Although she didn’t win at the end of the show, she is still a great personality in the house and she has been given positive vibes by her friends and family, and fans outside the big brother Naija house. 

Her Wins In The BBNaija House

As said earlier that Nini was evicted and could not win the package, but it doesn’t end there as she won lots of gifts in the house and as well many endorsements both outside and inside big brother Naija’s house. 

After she was evicted, her fans surprised her with a cake filled with money and many other goods which adds to all her overall wins both inside and outside of the reality tv show. 

Her Personality and Hobbies

Every being on planet earth has their own priority, personalities, and things they love. The star girl Nini loves reading motivational and inspirational books, she loves cooking, cleaning, traveling, and taking pictures.

She is very calm and compassionate with other housemates such as Angel, and the rest, and as such she hates or despises arrogant and proud beings. 

She always stands by her word and her opinion and finally she is a great lover of music. 

Her Boyfriend

Although in the house, it was seen that she played very well with saga which people taught the two of them will date each other.

Although, saga loves Nini so much and would intend to go into a relationship with her she rejected saying she had a boyfriend which comes out to be true after the end of the reality tv show. 

Her Relationship With Saga

With all the dramas between her and saga in the house, there is not any form of relationship between them which means they are still normal friends up till today and they are cool with it. 

Her House 

Nini bbnaija is a beautiful queen that loves a luxury lifestyle as well, she was seen to have stayed in Abuja and it was said that she owns her personal apartment in the same city as Abuja. 

Her Car

With her luxury lifestyle, although she did not reveal enough about her cars on the internet, insiders found out that she owns a Mercedes and other Toyota cars. 

Her Net Worth 

With all Nini made in the big brother Naija house, and endorsements she acquired offline, and the revenue she sees currently from her work, she is estimated to have a net worth between 100,000$ and to 300,000$ 

Frequently Asked questions

As a fan of Nini or as a normal viewer, these are some questions that might help you below. 

How Old Is Nini At The Moment

The beautiful Lady was born on the 16th of May 1195, calculation and as of the year 2022, she is currently a 27-year-old girl. 

Are Nini’s Parents Still Alive

No record that she had lost any of her parents or siblings, definitely her mother and father must still remain alive and healthy. 

Is Nini Married At The Moment

Although it is said that she had been in a long-term relationship with a guy who is her lover, she hasn’t got engaged nor married at the moment.