Ozo BBnaija Biography, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Personalities And Net Worth

Ozo Bbnaija is known to be the finest housemate in the big brother reality tv show lockdown series in the year 2020.

Ozobbnaija is a man filled with lots of wisdom, he is very calm, cool, loving, and as well very attractive 

The light skin guy has become a social media sensation and celebrity shortly after going to big brother’s house which means coming to big brother Naija’s house is a big win for him. 

Ozo Bbnaija’s presence in the house is so animated as he is not a boring type.

He is also very caring as one of the housemates named him to be husband material, lol. 

Ozo bbnaija

Right in the house, Ozo has given the viewers what they intend to see and his fans are really appreciating him because he did well in the reality television show.

This is not where it ends as there is more to learn about Ozo but before then, let’s get to know him more and who he seems to be before checking on his biography.

Ozo BBnaija, Who Is He?

Ozo Bbnaija who goes by the name Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu is a top media personality, sport admin, business financial management, customer relations manager, football academy analyst, and economics.

This shows that Ozo Bbnaija is very ambidextrous in his doing and he knows how to handle a business. 

He is a very determined guy and he doesn’t joke with whatever he utters or says.

Right now or at the moment, he is doing well for himself and making a big name as well.

In the next section of this great article, let’s get to know about Ozo bbnaija biography, family, lifestyle, personality, cars, relationship status as well as his net worth as of the year 2022.

Ozo Bbnaija biography And Early life 

Ozo BBnaija

Ozo Bbnaija who goes by the name Ozoemena Joseph Chukuwu was born to a decent and loving family on the 4th of august, 1993 meaning he is 29 years old as of the year 2022.

He was born and brought up in Imo state, Nigeria.

Ozo bbnaija family doesn’t usually joke with education so they gave him a good and sound education and that will be discussed in the next section.

From the pictures of his family that he posted on the internet, he seems to be the only boy in his family and has 3 sisters as a girl meaning the total number of children that was birthed by his parents is 4.

Ozo Bbnaija’s father is a medical doctor by profession and his mother is a professor at one of the top universities in Nigeria.  

His sisters as well are all graduates, two of them are medical doctors while the other remnant is a lawyer.

Their family education is indeed worth envying.  

Ozo Bbnaija Education

Ozo attended the Seat of Wisdom Secondary School, he was the school’s sanitation perfect and because of his athletic abilities, he was made the school goalkeeper.

The reality show star is from a family of the educated.

He spent most of his schooling abroad.

He attended the Kharkiv University of Radio Electronics, at the institution, he came out first class with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybernetics and Economics.

His Career

With his qualification in his education, it is not a surprise that Ozo Bbnaija has worked in several companies before even coming to the big brother reality tv show. 

In the year 2012, he is the chief operating officer at Stemay which is said to be a clothing company.

However, he left the companying in the year 2015. 

Between the years 2014 and 2015, he also worked as a football coach and a teacher. 

Right now at the moment, he is known and he handles many businesses as an entrepreneur. 

Ozo Bbnaija can also be seen as a jack of all trades but he put in his best in his work. 

Ozobbnaija Bbnaija Wins In And Out Of The Show

Ozo who became a social media sensation after he went to the big brother Naija show has come to give God almighty and has given thanks to big brother Naija for choosing him. 

He has been known and loved by many individuals in and out of the big brother Naija reality tv show and it is a huge boost for him in his doings as well as his career. 

The show has given him access to meet several top personalities and celebrities that Are popular on the internet and social media. 

Although Ozo couldn’t win in the big brother Naija show, he won a car for which he is still grateful. 

Ozo BBnaija

His Personality

Also is from a wealthy background, he’s also an entrepreneur, and he was also a sports analyst at the Dream FC some years ago.

He likes playing football as well, and his biggest achievement in his life is working with the UEFA federation abroad.

He has connections from different clubs in Europe, the likes of Juventus. Ozo bbnaija likes a simple lifestyle.

There is no such thing to know about his personality, but we will update this article with more Interesting facts about Ozo.

Relationship Status

As of 2022, Ozo is still single. There was a rumor he was dating his fellow housemate Nengi but he dashed such rumor and said he’s still single, not married or with any girlfriend.

This article will provide more updates about his relationship status soon.

Net Worth

Ozo was born into a wealthy family. And he’s also a sports analyst which fetched him more income.

Ozo has worked with so many companies both in Nigeria and Europe. His Net Worth is estimated to be $50,000 

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some questions about Ozo you will not want to miss, check them out below. 

Did Ozo And Nengi Marry Each Other?

When Nengi And Ozo are still in the big brothers Naija lockdown series, they were seen to be exchanging love pleasantries which means they both love each other.

But after the show, they seem to have moved each other way but they are still cool friend.

Is Ozo In A New Relationship

He may be in a new relationship but his relationship status says he is single.