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Whitemoney BBNaija Biography, Age, Education, Career, GirlFriend And Other Things You Should Know

When we talk about BBNaija housemates, it won’t make sense if we don’t mention the great man called whitemoney. 

His personality and the things he brought to big brother Naija season 6 shine ya eyes had brought him into the limelight and made him popular on the internet and offline as well. 

White money is a cool and calm guy with good instincts. His personality paved the way for him which made him loved by many individuals outside the house and they voted massively for him. 

After 3 months in big brother Naija’s house, he came out to be the winner of the show where he sees his dreams come before his eyes. 

This is not where it ends as there is more to unleash about Whitemoney, ranging from his family, education, career, his wins and endorsement, his personality and hobbies, etc are going to be discussed in detail below. Now, let’s get to know the real white money. 

Whitemoney BBNaija, Who Is He

As a social media user or one who loves to learn or know more about various things going on in the country and pertaining to entertainment, you will know who this guy is or you would have heard one or the other about him.

Whitemoney who Goes by the real name hazel Oyeye Onou is also popularly known as Maazi. He is the one who beat and ruled out Liquorose to emerge as the winner of the big brother Naija season 6 shine ya eye. How did he get to be the winner and how far has he come to win the tv show, all will be disclosed below shortly. 

Whitemoney BBnaija Biography

Hazel Oyeye Onuo aka whitemoney or Maazi was born and brought up in the city of Enugu which was said to be his hometown. White money has a lot of touching stories. When he was young, he was abandoned by his father who left and abandoned his family leaving only his mother to sort out the children’s needs.

Just to survive and to meet her needs, Whitemoney’s mother known as Florence Nwachukwu runs a restaurant business.

Amid life struggles and struggling for existence, whitemoney grew up alongside two of his brothers in which one of them is said to be a fashion designer. 

Did white attend a school or a university, let’s find out below knowing his educational background. 

 Whitemoney BBnaija Education 

The history concerning Whitemoney’s educational background was not found, this is because they could not afford to train him in school so he didn’t bother studying. He focuses solely on his struggles where he does petty and rosy jobs just to feed himself and survive. The journey of his life is not indeed an easy one. 

His Struggles And Career

This great man has been anointed by so many individuals because of his doggedness and tenacity when it comes to doing business. 

As a young and all-around hustler, he has ventured into several businesses so he can survive, live, and as well putting meals on his table. 

During his speech at the reality tv show and even outside of the house, he mentioned that he has done all sorts of businesses such as fixing generators, fixing masts, doing photography and at the highest of it all was when he mentioned he even worked as an okada man and as well a barber. 

Doing all this, white money has a passion for music so he built his career and as well learning how to be a great cook. Before going to the big brother show, Whitemoney already produced several music tracks to his name. 

Some examples of his music are Selense, your life, rosemary, iffy, and Na We-We which he dropped not quite long in this year 2022. 

How He Was Chosen For BBNaija

Just like a normal dream, Whitemoney followed due process, auditioning for big brother Naija which he was finally selected among a few others like Liquorose, Maria, Nini, and some other guys as well. 

White money believed in himself and during a speech in the house and among colleagues, whitemoney said that he has been applying for BBNaija form more than 5 years ago until God shine light and he was so happy when he received the email that he has been chosen for the show. 

His Wins In the Big Brother House

One thing about Whitemoney that made a lot of individuals love him is because of his strategies, especially in cooking. 

Another is that he is very truthful and highly disciplined as he did not perform any form of immorality in the show even when he had many chances to do so.

Whitemoney has won several gifts in big brother Naija’s house and after emerging the winner, he has also given grant prizes up to 80 million and some other surprises like free indomie and drinks, free supply of goods, and free travel to Dubai for one year. 

His Personalities And Hobbies

Whitemoney is a gentle and cool comrade, he does not like cheating and he is very humble to the core which made many individuals love him for who he is. 

He loves cooking, playing music, and singing. He is a classic guy who loves to dress nicely as well. 

Whitemoney Cars

Well, he may have some other nice cars that she doesn’t want to show them publicly, but he still got a nice car that was presented to him for emerging the winner of the show. The brand and name of the car is Innoson G-40 which is a car with a high class.

Whitemoney Houses

Apart from getting a car, the former street hustler Whitemoney is now an owner of a brand new 2-bedroom apartment. A big congrats to him. 

White Money Net Worth

With all, he got in the show and after emerging the winner with various money he got from endorsements, Whitemoney has a total net worth of 400,000 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that you might wish to find an answer to, they are shared below

What Is The Relationship Status Of Whitemoney

Right now as it seems, Whitemoney is single and does not want to mingle. 

Is Whitemoney And Queen Dating

Whitemoney and the queen are said to be very good friends in big brother Naija’s house. However, there was no fact that the both of them are in a relationship with each other even when it was revealed by the queen that she love Whitemoney.

How Old Is Whitemoney

As of the year 2022, Whitemoney is said to be 30 years old because he was born in the year 1992.