Dorathy BBnaija Biography, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Personalities And Net Worth

Dorathy Bbnaija is a nice girl with a good and adorable shape. She is a plus-size girl with a portable body.

Dorathy has been a funny lively girl during her stay in big brother Naija’s house.

She brought life to the show which was the big brother Naija season 5 lockdown. 

She was among the finalists that made it into the grand finale.

Firstly, Bbnaija is a young and promising female as well as a vibrant and hardworking lady.

She believes success can come to her when she is always focused and determined and she is living up to her expectations.

Dorathy BBnaija

Coming to the big brother Naija show has shaped her life to bring out the positive in her and has well been known all over social media, the internet, and even in the world at large.

The chocolate skin lady is fluent in English and as well it shows she is a very educated human being.

There is more to say about Dorathy Bbnaija and we will leave no stone unturned during the course of revealing the information about the big brother reality tv show Dorathy.

Before checking out her biography, do yourself a favor by reading the next section to know more about her and as well her work at the moment.

Dorathy Bbnaija, What Did You Know About Her? 

Dorathy BBnaija

Dorathy Bbnaija who goes by the full or real name Dorathy Lynda Backor is known to be an entrepreneur after she was brought to the limelight as one of the housemates in the big brother Naija lockdown series.

Her coming to the big brother naija show has brought a lot of smiles to her fans as she didn’t mimic any of her behavior in the house.

She is who she seems to be during her stay in the big brother naija house and that has brought her fame to her.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Dorathy is also a social media lover and influencer.

According to her speech, she has worked for many top organizations before finding her way to the big brother house for greener pastures and as well creating her own business.

Dorathy Bbnaija has worked as an administrative assistant for a fashion model known as Vane style fashion for 1 year. 

She also worked in the cross river state house of assembly and was a desk officer. 

Dorathy BBnaija

She didn’t end there as she proceeded to work for a cloth shop known as Polo Ralph lounge and she worked as a sales representative in the company before finally coming to big brother naija house after receiving the good news that he was chosen.

After reading about dorothy Bbnaija and the business she holds before coming to the reality tv show, move on to the next section where you would know about her biography, education, lifestyle, marital and relationship status, and as well many other aspects of her life you would not want to miss out.

Dorathy Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

Dorathy Lynda bachelor who most people know as dorathy was born on the 14th of November in the year 1996 meaning she is 26 years old at the moment of writing this article.

She was born in delta state Nigeria into a Christian family whose names were not revealed by her.

Dorathy rarely revealed most of her information on social media but titans would keep doing their best and update the info about her parents as soon as possible.

Dorathy is not the only child of her parents as bbtitans found out she did a video challenge with a lady who is later traced to me as her sister.

Dorathy BBnaija

She is named Ruth and on her page, she seems to be a model.

Educational Background Of Dorathy Bbnaija

Dorathy Bbnaija went to a good school, she finished her secondary school education at Lagos model college which is located at Igbokuta before she finally proceeded to the tertiary level of education in Osun state, Nigeria.

Currently and at the moment, she lives with her family in Lagos state as she lost her father when she was at the age of 14 and that is very painful to her.

Dorathy Bbnaija Career

Owing to her great personality in the big brother naija house, dorothy has been loved by many individuals.

Her calmness is top-notch and her hard work has made her scale through her journey in life.

She is a very confident being that is humble to the core and this has given her more followers both Online and offline.

Dorathy BBnaija

When she was young, she loved to be a model and as well an entrepreneur as she has seen herself achieving what she aimed for in life.

Dorathy Bbnaija Wins In The Big Brother Naija House

Although, dorathy couldn’t make it to the grand finale of the lockdown series of the big brother naija show, coming to the big brother naija house has paved a good way for her.

She has been recognized by lots of individuals which includes her fans as well.

On her Instagram page, she has more than 2 million unique followers.

Her Personality And Hobbies

Dorothy Bbnaija loves to be around positive and cool people, she doesn’t like violence and in all her moments in the big brother house, she hasn’t recorded any form of violence as she didn’t receive any strike as well.

She loves cooking, playing music, reading good books, and having fun around people.

Dorathy Bbnaija Net Worth As Of 2022

Dorathy has been brought to fame and her business has been on an increase.

Plus she got some endorsements as well which is believed she would have received some interest from them.

With all she got which includes business and assets, Dorothy Bbnaija net worth is said to be around 130,000 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions you might want to know about your favorite and dark skin beautiful lady called Dorathy.

Why Do People Love Dorathy In The Big Brother Naija House?

Many individuals and viewers love her because she is very straightforward and as well she is very entertaining.

Is Dorathy Married

No, at the moment, there is no record or evidence of her being engaged or married.