Angel BBNaija

Angel BBNaija, Biography, Education, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, And Others

Mentioning one of the greatest BBNaija applicants ever, this high personality and beautiful lady can’t be left out on the list. The former BBnaija star, angel smith has come a long way to go. 

Who Is Angel BBnaija

BBNaija season 6 star who goes by the full name angel smith has been known all over the internet and in many parts of Africa and even the world. The biggest reality TV show in Africa has brought out the good in her and has changed her story making her a great sensation on various media on the net. 

It’s not stopping here as there is more to explore about the beautiful girl angel and we are going to do that right away in this article below. 

As a person who loves entertainment so much, you may not know much about big brother angel but you will have enough knowledge of her after reading this. 

In this article, you are going to know the biography of Angel, how she started her life, her education and career, her journey through the big brother Naija’s house, her wins, and several things about her and her personality will be disclosed in details below. 

Angel’s Early Life And Biography

Angel BBNaija who goes will the full name Angel Smith  was born in the state called Akwa Ibom in Nigeria to the family of baron myegy who was said to be the father and Titilola smith who was said to be the mother. 

On a good day, angel’s parents divorced and went their way keeping angel to be trained and brought up by her grandmother. This makes angel’s early childhood life horrible as she always battles with depression, Bp, and negative thoughts. 

Her father is said to be a famous Nigerian karaoke singer and radio analyst. It was said that he managed her daughter’s social media accounts. 

Her Educational Lifestyle

Although Angel attended a great and nice school as she received a quality education. 

Her primary school details were not known but she attended Marywood Girls College which is located in Lagos. 

Later on, as she furthered, she moved and joined the university of lagos which she later dropped out due to the pressure she gets from her mom which adds more to her pains and brings about depression

After, the star proceeded to a British foundation college where she enrolled to study mass comm, and later on, she still couldn’t survive which led to her dropping out. This is a sad story indeed. 

Her Career

With everything that Angel has passed through, with all the blockage, sad moments, and obstacles, she still strives to be a better person or a better version of herself. 

Around 14 years, she developed a passion for writing and she trained herself to always write different stories and poetry. 

With this, she got a lot of job offers from freelancing sites that also helped to increase her Intelligence and sharpen her knowledge. 

She had writen some amount of books and novels which seem not to be traceable because she didn’t publish them

How Her Journey Started For Bbnaija

Angel applied for the big brother Naija season 6 show in which she was among the successful contestants. 

She showed a lot of great dramas and scenes in the big brother Naija house which made her famous on the internet and also physically. 

She was very smart and was involved in several games and she also became the head of the house while staying in big brother. After all, she didn’t win but she came out in the 5th position during the grand finale. 

Wins In Big Brother Naija House

As said earlier, Angel was involved in several games where she earned a good amount of money, the game where she ruled out pere in a room shows how smart she is and it has brought her to the limelight. 

Angel BBNaija Personalities And Hobbies

With her great personality, Angel loves partying, dancing, cooking, and meeting new people. 

What Angel Did In The House That Shock Many People

The famous reality tv star was spotted and captured by a camera when she dressed naked in front of her fans without any shame or any form of guilt. It was said that maybe she is doing that for fame or she is depressed. 

Angel BBNaija Houses

Angel revealed on the internet that she acquired an apartment, a four-bedroom apartment after the reality show. 

Cars Of Angel 

Apart from getting an apartment, the reality tv star also got herself the latest range rover sport and an SUV as well. 

Her Social Media Profile

She has millions of followers on her social media platforms, you can follow her page on Facebook or Instagram. 

Angel BBNaija Networth

With all she got and as well as her endorsements, she made a good amount of money which give her a net worth of 50 million naira 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that have been answered below, they can be of help to you.

Who Is Angel Current Boyfriend

As of now present, the media, and the reality star angel announced that she is still single and has not gotten to mingle.

Did Angel Lost Someone

This has been so painful that she cried sometimes and felt depressed when death took away her former boyfriend whom she loved with all her heart.

What Is The Age Of Angel As Of 2022

Angel BBNaija is 22 years old as of 2022 because she was born on February 13 in the year 2000. 

Who Are The People Of Great Personalities That Angel Has Mingled With?

Angel has had a lot of good times with several top musicians and great personalities in the Nigerian music and movie industry. Last year after the show, she was spotted with the 30 BG Crew Lord, Davido partying and having a good time together. 

What Does Angel Dislikes

Angel is a lady of high taste and as she loves some kinds of stuff, she also hates some as well as is natural. She dislikes backbiting and lying. At last, she does not fancy or have a love for aquariums.