jackie b bbnaija

Jackie B BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Fantacies, Relationship And Net Worth

 Talking about one of the most adorable and gorgeous ladies big brother has ever produced, we can’t just leave Jackie B without talking about her. 

She is very beautiful, and adorable with a nice shape as well and with all these, her gifts and thinking are top-notch.

Her stay in the big brother Naija’s house has proven her to be loved by many individuals as well as her fans, followers, and viewers. 

She made her stay in the reality tv show to be a funny and animated one.

Jackie b bbnaija

She acts like someone who has not been in a relationship before but she has and she is a single mom at the moment. 

Her being a single mum did not stop her from performing her duty at the big brother Naija show and giving viewers what they want or expects as usual. 

The single mom has a lot of stories and scenes in big brother Naija’s house and they will be discussed below. But before then, let’s get to know who she truly is before deeping into other aspects of her lifestyle. 

Jackie B Bbnaija, Who Is She

Jackie B who goes by the full name Jackie bent is a single mom who is very skilful and talented in all she does.

She is a very hard-working lady who believed in herself and likewise her goals in life. 

She has several businesses and jobs which usually bring her several streams of income. 

Jackie B is an interior designer, wedding, and as well event planner and she does her best at it. 

After knowing what she does for a living, let’s get to know more about where she was born and raised, her career and education, her lifestyle and fantasies, her scene in big brother Naija house, and many things that concern her. 

Jackie B BBnaija Biography

Jackie B who goes by the full name Jackie Bent was born and brought up in the northern state of Nigeria. 

She was born into a nice family in which her mother is said to be a renowned Nigerian senator and she goes by the name Senator Folshade Bent.

Jackie B bbnaija

Jackie b was born and brought up in the city of Adamawa on the 1st of December 1192 in the year 2022, she is a 30-year-old lady. 

On her social media handles, Jackie b had said some stuff that has seen her to be very cool and someone with no secret. 

She came from a wealthy background and she was born with a silver spoon.

There is more to know about the gorgeous single mom Jackie B, let’s get to know more pertaining to her school life and as well her education.

How She Started Her Education

Coming from a rich and wealthy family, Jackie B’s educational life seemed to be very easy as she had all she needed which made her education to be very smooth and without any form of obstacle like some other housemates who pass through thick and thin before coming into the limelight. 

Jackie b stayed, started, and finished her basic or elementary level and her secondary school education as well in Nigeria before she proceeded to a university in the UK for tertiary education and for a good degree. The university she went to in the United Kingdom is not known. 

Jackie B Career

As a hardworking woman who she was, she believes success is achievable through determination and consistency. 

She is a certified and good event/ wedding planner and as well an interior designer that is very skillful.

Her talent has earned a lot of respect and as well good progress in all she does which has brought enough food to her table and made her and her son live a very good and comfortable life. 

How Her BBnaija Journey Starts

Jackie B had made a lot of positive effects and changes during her stay in big brother Naija house.

She has wowed many individuals with her character and as well she gives her audience what they expected from her in the show.

Coming to the big brother reality tv show has been a great instance in her lifetime which has boosted her career tremendously, allowing her to gain more followers both online and offline and making her showcase her talents and business for the entire world to see. 

Her Wins In The Big Brother Naija House

Although she could not make it to the final or become the winner of the show, the big brother reality tv show has attracted a lot of wins to her in which she can have a testimony of them all. 

She played some games in the big brother naija house and she won some amount of money, however outside the house, she still attracted a lot of success. 

Jackie B Bbnaija Personalities

Jackie b is a very cool lady who doesn’t like trouble at all, she is lovable and kind and she loves to keep some secrets to herself.

She loves to flow with people and as well make friends with new individuals. 

Indeed, and at last, she is a very passionate lady.

Jackie b bbnaija

Jackie B Hobbies And Fantasies

She loves playing games, reading, fashion, and dressing and as well she loves to dance and have fun with people. 

Relationship Status

In the big brother house, it was shown that she didn’t enter into any relationship with any of the housemates and they all knew she was a single mom.

However, she didn’t disclose the father and real owner of the son, maybe for some personal reasons.

After the show, she said she loves Micheal and she is interested in being in a relationship with him but up till now, they haven’t mingled together to start a relationship, and right now, or at the moment, Jackie B is still very much single. 

Jackie B Bbnaija Net Worth 

Jackie b bbnaija

Although she comes from a very rich family but talks about her own self-made business and money, and with all, she got in the big brother Naija reality tv show and as well outside the show, her estimated net worth is said to be around 30 million naira. 

Frequently Asked Question

These are a few questions you might want to know about Jackie B

Is Jackie B Mother A Senator? 

As it was later revealed by her, Jackie B mother is a renowned top senator in Nigeria’s political sector 

Is Jackie B Married At The Moment? 

She is a single mum at the moment but she is not yet married

Did Jackie B And Micheal Date? 

The two of them seem to love each other in big brother Naija’s house but they did not later go into a relationship after the show.