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Allysyn BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Allysyn Bbnaija who is a dark and fresh skin lady is one of the housemates of the recently or just concluded big brother Naija season 7 show tagged level up.

She is a black and shiny lady that has got many people talking about her.

With her beauty, she has a nice shape and as well she usually dresses like a fine art or a cultural being.

She resembles one who came from another part of Africa such as Ghana or Zimbabwe but the truth is that she is a real-born Nigerian lady.

Alyssn Bbnaija’s presence in the house is worth talking about as she makes the house and the show to be more fruitful. 

Allyssn Bbnaija has many personalities and values that she is very proud of in the big brother reality tv show.

Allysnn Bbnaija has many things to be taken care of and we won’t miss any when we go further to reveal more about her and many other aspects of her life.

There are many interesting and fascinating stories to tell about Allyson Bbnaija but before then, let’s get to know her or who she truly is or who she appears to be.

Allyson Bbnaija, Who Is She, And See What You Should Know

Allysyn Bbnaija bears the full name Alison Osy is a top and great social media influencer and video creator.

She is a demigod when it comes to creating and sharing good shorts and films on social media platforms as well as highly innovative apps and websites like YouTube.

Allyson Bbnaija has influenced the Bbnaija show positively, leaving good character and attributes to her family or viewers.

Allysnn Bbnaija is a reality tv personality and a video creator in which she has carried her career to a very high level where she is doing very better and well.

At this point in time, you should have gained some clues and tips about the adorable Allyssn Bbnaija. 

Now, let’s check on her birth, early life, education and career, her marital status, relationship status, fantasies, personality, net worth, and many other aspects that would be revealed.

Allysyn Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

allysyn bbnaija

Alison Osi who is popularly known as Allysyn in the big brother Naija season 7 level-up show was born on the 31st of March in the year 1997 making her to be 25 years old.

She hails from Edo state, Benin city but she was born in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Allysyn Bbnaija was born into a godly and decent family of Mr. and Mrs. Audu. 

Allysyn Bbnaija is someone who doesn’t like to keep a secret which means she is not a secretive being. 

He revealed some little information about her siblings.

According to her, she has two elder siblings, a sister named Kimberly Este Audu and a brother who goes by the name Sen Audu.

Allysyn Bbnaija is an indigene or native of Benin, Edo state in the region of a local government called Etsako West Local Government Area.

She attended a great school and received a quality education as her parents are rich and doing fine, they are able to cater to her and provide for her needs.

Allysyn Bbnaija Career 

Allysyn Bbnaija is known popularly on the internet and she is a social media manager and presenter who is good at public speaking.

She is into many things and works and she has a lifestyle blog on YouTube and she is doing very well with that.

Before beginning as a vlogger and many other opportunities in her name, she was first employed as a Sales and Account Executive with Nissan Nigeria after she finished her tertiary education. 

Staying in the newly gotten job gives her a lot of experience in life and she learned many things while in the work.

She was able to understand customers’ complaints and flow easily with them with a good and quality speech.

This sharpened her to be good at public speaking and has helped her up till today.

In the year 2018, Allysyn Bbnaija switched to the entertainment industry where she worked as a television personality and presenter with GEAP.

She worked in the entertainment industry for 2 years.

Allysyn Bbnaija and how she started her career has shown that she is a very serious type and a lady who does not joke with her hustle.

Her Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

Coming to big brother Naija’s house has been a great win for Allysyn and she is very grateful.

Appreciation and joyful moments filled her face when she received the email that she is among the chosen ones who are lucky to be in the big brother Naija reality tv show level up season 7.

Although she was later evicted as she could not see herself to the grand finale.

However, the reality tv show has exposed her to the world thereby increasing her number of followers and as well as leading to a rise in her income and as well revenue.

allysyn bbnaija

Allysyn BBnaija Net  Worth

As of the year 2022, Allyson is worth 100,000 dollars