emmanuel bbnaija

Emmanuel BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Fantacies, Relationship And Net Worth

When talking about a great personality and a highly intelligent being, Emmanuel Bbnaija would not be left out.

His high sense of humor and how he attends to difficult situations have brought him fame and made him famous. 

The way he mixed and approached the other housemates in big brother Naija has made him loved by many viewers and that have earned him a lot of followers and truthful fans both inside the house and outside of the reality tv show. 

In the show, he shows himself as a very kind and lovable being who has melted the hearts of other housemates and he has gained a lot of affection during his stay on the big brother show. 
Emmanuel bbnaija

One thing that made his love to be on an increase is how he is to his housemate known as liquorose who came out as the first runner-up of the big brother naija season 6 reality tv show. 

They love each other so much to the extent that both of them start attracting more fans and followers who believe the two of them will make a better relationship outside the big brother naija house. 

Unfortunately, it did not go as planned as no one knows the end of a relationship, they only know the beginning.

Do you wish to know more about Emmanuel bbnaija? Read this article to find out more about him, his biography, education, career, relationship status at the moment, his fantasies, and other things you need to learn. 

Emmanuel Bbnaija, Who Is He

Emmanuel bbnaija who goes by the full name Emmanuel Umoh is a reality tv personality, entrepreneur, and social media influencer in country Nigeria. 

He is not well known before he came to the show but after applying for the reality tv show in the audition process, luckily he was chosen and since then he had become a social media sensation and high personality being. 
Emmanuel bbnaija

Although he made it to the final he could win the show, but he made a lot of wins during his stay in the show. 

He has played a lot of games, become head of the house and he has had several good times with the housemates that cannot be forgotten. He is a good and highly moral being. 

Emmanuel BBNaija Biography 

Emmanuel who goes by the full name Emmanuel Umor is a body fit trainer and a businessman. He hails from Akwa Ibom state where he was born and brought up in the vicinity. 

He was born in the month of May 21st in the the year 1997 and he is a Christian as well. 

Emmanuel was born into a Christian family in which he exhibited the character or attribute till today.

How did he start his journey in life? Let’s get to know more about his educational background and as well his career on planet earth. 

Emmanuel Educational Background

What was Emmanuel’s education like? Is it a smooth or a rosy one? Well, Emmanuel Umor was raised in Akwa Ibom.

He started his basic or elementary school at Monef kiddies school where he received a sound education.

Later on, he furthered his secondary school at Christ the King and bright future school where he completed his session and received his certificate. 

Furthermore, he relocated to the city of port Harcourt where he prepared for his tertiary education level.

He wrote the exams and finally gained admission into the university of port Harcourt where he graduated as a student and had a degree in Civil engineering.

That is indeed a big win in his career and one of his most joyful moments. 


When he was young, Emmanuel loved to do workouts and as well as acting in movies which he input all his mind into just to achieve greatness in life. He followed his goals and he later became a media personality and a businessman in his name. 

How His BBnaija Journey Starts

Just like other housemates, Emmanuel made a move to be in the big brother naija house and he finally sees his dream come through. 


Although he has been doing fine on his own before coming to the big brother naija house, coming to the show also shows a greater impact on his life and brought him to fame which he cannot regret the decision he made. 

Emmanuel Bbnaija Wins In Bbnaija house

Staying in the big brother naija house and being among the 6 finalists who made it to the grand finale, he has made a lot of names for himself and as well gives him lots of revenue in return. 

Right in the reality tv show, during and after emerging the winner in some games, he earned some amount of money and after the show, he had become the brand ambassador of some companies and earned some endorsements in his name. 

His Personalities

Emmanuel is a very cool, affectionate, lovely, and a gentle guy who doesn’t love to talk too much. You can see how he demonstrated that in the big brother naija show during his stay in the house. 

Emmanuel BBnaija Hobbies

Emmanuel BBnaija loves playing games, reading, meditating, having fun, watching movies, and taking a lot of pictures. He is indeed a dope guy. 

Relationship Status

Emmanuel bbnaija

Although in the house, it was said that he is in a relationship with liquorose, however, they seem to have left each other, and right now at the moment, he is a single guy. 

Emmanuel’s Net Worth As Of 2022

Emmanuel bbnaija is said to have some cars but what he got including his personal house is not known in the media and due to his vast knowledge of many businesses, he doesn’t have an actual net worth but his estimated net worth as of the year 2022 is 70 million in naira. 

Frequently Asked Question

These are some questions you need to know about Emmanuel BBnaija. You won’t want to miss them out 

How Old Is Emmanuel Bbnaija?

He was born in the month of May 21st in the year 1997.  He is a 25-year-old guy. 

Why Did Liquorose And Emmanuel Bbnaija Break Up

There is no good reason for the cause of their break up.