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Liquorose BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Crew, Relationship And Other Things You Should Know

Biographies of people are one aspect or culture of life that cannot be underestimated. Biographies are usually made for extraordinary beings or those who had a social media presence or sensation. 

There are millions of biographies of many individuals that are on the internet, if you want to know more about a particular social media sensation or a group of people, you can check the internet and you will find what you are searching for

Well, In this article, you are going to know more about the social and popular dancer called Liquorose, her biography, her family, how she started her journey, and what made her famous. You will as well get some frequently asked questions that answers have already been provided so sip your cup of wine and follow me as I proceed below. 

Liquorose BBNaija, Who Is She?

When you search the internet, you would see several answers popping up on who Liquorose is. 

This popular young girl who goes by the real name Roseline Omokhoa Afieje is a lady that has lots of vibes and has received the attention of her fans and even her followers. Who is her family and where was she born, let us enter her full biography and explore more about her lifestyle below. 

Biography Of Liquorose

The biography of Liquorose is indeed a great one, this media sensational lady was born on the 31st of March in the year 1995 to a family called Mr. and Mrs. Omokhoa in Lagos state. 

She is a Lagos girl but her real state of origin is Edo state meaning she is a real-born Edo/Benin lady. 

How Did Liquorose Start Her Education 

Like others who go to school, this lady attends and completed her primary and secondary school education in a school called Itere Nursery and primary school and international college that is located at Ijeshatedo around the vicinity of Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria to be precise. 

After completing her primary and secondary education and receiving her certificate, Liquorose went further to acquire more knowledge about Lagos where she had an admission to the prestigious university of Lagos. This is the height of tertiary education that she attained up till the moment

Her Early Career

This Lagos-based girl was said to have started her career so early that she discovered and uncovered her passion for life and she didn’t draw back or show no motive in pursuing her career or her planned goals

What an amazing girl she is. Liquorose realized that she would be very good at entertaining people so she diverted most of her attention to the entertainment industry in Nigeria. 

Being 26 years old as of the year 2022, Liquorose has achieved a lot of goodies and several awards and she is loved by many in a short period of time. This is a result of the hard work and determination she put into building up herself and her career. 

Liquorose Dancing Crew And How She Found It

After Liquorose first came to the limelight when she was featured in an award movie series on Nigeria TV titled The Johnsons in the year 2012, she got herself featured in another movie titled HEX in the year 2015. 

She did not stop there in her pursuit of success, she found out that apart from acting in movie series, she is also a very good and great dancer so she started to develop her dancing career and she ventured into dancing. 

Liquorose has shown her great dancing skills to the citizens both offline and online and provided many series and short Stunts of dance on her social account which made her become more popular.

During this period of her releasing several dancing stunts and showcasing her talent on the internet, she was discovered by a Nigerian music video director who goes by the name Clarence Peter. 

It was said that it was this man that made Liquorose join forces and shoot with Ellaley in one of her video shoots. 

Later on, Liquorose went on to open her own dancing crews which she named the GGB dance crew. 

Her dance crew is very popular and has featured a lot of top Nigerian singers in the music industry. She has featured Don jazzy, p square, Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi, Phyno, Skibbi, Banky W, Wande coal, Patoranking, and many other great musicians in the music industry.

Liquorose Personality And Hobbies

Liquorose has lots of hobbies as she enjoys herself and always sees herself meeting new people. She doesn’t talk too much as she only used to mention a few words. 

She enjoys traveling, singing, dancing, reading, and writing.

This is not where the list ends as she also loves to get temporary tattoos and low-cut hairstyles. 

She is a high fashion lady and she loves dressing as well and lastly, she is the leader of the GGB dance crew. 

How Her Career Started In The Big Brother House

As usual, Liquorose gains her attention from big brother Naija and sees it as a dream come true. With all she had achieved with her talents, she didn’t end there, she still applied and looked for a way to gain more fans, and fortunately she was among the chosen ones. 

She was so happy with her stay in the big brother house, giving people a lot of positive vibes and she was loved by her fans so much because she doesn’t make the show boring. 

Her Wins In The Big Brother House

The popular bb Naija star Liquorose has won several heads of house in the big brother Naija show and also participated in many money-driven games where she performed so well. 

It was said that she is the highest winner in all games that were played in the show making her rack up to 22 million naira and other valuable gifts. 

After staying 3 months in the show, she came out as the second runner leaving Whitemoney to be the winner of the show as of 2021. 

Her Cars And Houses

Currently, she lives in Lagos and has not flaunted any personal house of hers on her social media account. She may have several houses and may choose to keep them a secret. 

Although she might still be living on rent, she had some good cars. Early January she got a white 2018 Lexus RX350 which she shared on her media and gave thanks to God almighty for making her dream come through. 

Liquorose Networth

Liquorose made lots of money inside the big brother’s house but gained a lot of money from fans outside and gained a lot of endorsement which gives her lots of money. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Having known who Liquorose is, there are some questions bothering your mind that you would want to get answers to, they are provided below. 

What Is Liquorose Current Relationship Status? 

As of the year 2022, Liquorose is said to be single as seen by her lifestyle and she has not been seen with any spouse. Although she might have a secret boyfriend or fiancée, there is not enough evidence to prove this. 

Did Liquorose Have A Child?

Following her lifestyle and how she had lived her life in the past, she hasn’t got any kids yet and she has not married up till this moment. 

Are Liquorose And Emmanuel Still Together?

It was believed that the two of them are lovers in the year 2021 during the big brother Naija show. Their relationship was so popular that fans had to give them a name called emmarose which means Emmanuel and Liquorose. 

Later after the show, it was said that both of them had a misunderstanding with each other and so they departed. Although they might still be friends at the moment but not currently in a relationship.