Mike BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Mike Bbnaija, how much do you know about him? 

Taking your memory back to the year 2019, Mike BBnaija was among the other housemates that were chosen to be in the show.

The interesting fact is that he even saw through to the grand finale.

There are more interesting facts about Mike and in this article, you will know them. 

Before proceeding further, let’s get to know some of his personality.

Mike BBnaija, Who Is He?

If you are someone who loves to watch Big Brother Naija’s show, then you should know mike. 

He is tall and handsome and as well he has a fitted body.

He is the crush of many girls during the show and even outside of the show.

Mike has a lot of attributes and personalities while he was in big brother Naija’s house. 

All of his attributes would be discussed in the section below.

Biography And Early Life Of Mike BBnaija 

mike bbnaija

Mike BBnaija has his full name to be Mike Olayemi Edwards.

Looking and staring at his real name, you will find out that he is from a Yoruba tribe.

The adorable guy was born on the 11th day of July in the year 1991.

This means he is a 31-year-old guy at the moment. 

Another interesting aspect about him is that he was born in the United Kingdom.

Mike BBnaija Education 

Looking at his tone while he was in the big brother show, he is from a rich family and he receives a quality education as well.

He did his high and tertiary education in Manchester located in the United Kingdom

More details about the exact course are not found as he did not reveal them.

His Career

Mike Edwards started to achieve his dream and goals in life when he was representing Great Britain in athletics.

He was doing fine with them as he had represented them many times before he left in retirement. 

mike bbnaija

He made a good amount of money with them as well before his retirement. 

Mike BBnaija’s aim in big brother Naija’s house was to win grand prizes. 

He wants to be popular more than the way he is before. 

He tried his best while in the big brother’s house and he gave his viewer nice activities.

Well, how was his journey in big brother Naija’s house? Let’s know below. 

His Journey In The Big Brother House

Mike BBnaija did well in big brother Naija’s house as he finds it very interesting to him.

He was loved by many of his fans because he didn’t participate in any form of immorality.

As a married man, he was so disciplined to the core.

His Wins

He came out as the 1st runner leaving Mercy to win the grand prize.

However, he has bagged some endorsements for himself.

Mike BBnaija Net Worth

His Net Worth as Of 2022 is 200,000 dollars.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Does Mike Edwards Do?

Mike Edwards is a CEO, Entrepreneur, and an Athlete. He is the CEO of a Cigar company which is now known as Aireys, which is located in the United Kingdom.

Who Is Mike Edwards Married To?

mike bbnaija
Mike And His Wife

The former reality show star is married to his beloved wife Perri Shakes Drayton.

Which Sport Does Mike Edwards Take Part In?

The former reality show star is good at the High jump.