Chomzy BBnaija

Chomzy BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personalities, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Chomzy BBnaija, who is she and how much do you know about her?

It is no more news that Chomzy BBnaija is one of the housemates of the big brother reality tv show level-up season that was recently concluded.Chomzy BBnaija

Many of her fellow housemates include Phyna, chichi, Hermes, Adekunle, Khalid, Daniella, and many other housemates whose names were not mentioned in this article.

Chomzy Bbnajja, How Beautiful Is She? 

Chomzy is indeed one of the most beautiful housemates in the big bother level-up reality tv show.

Coming to the big brother Naija house has changed her story for good and many others she gained at the big brother Naija show will be explained below.

Chumzy BBnaija Biography And Life

Chomzy Bbnaija who goes by the real name Esther Chioma Ndubueze was born in the year 2000 and she hails from Imo state Nigeria into a Christian family that loved and serve God to the fullest.

According to Chomzy BBnaija’s speech, she said she was born in the city of Lagos where she grew up alongside her siblings and her family as well.

In her speech as well, she said her family is one of the best gifts God gave to her. Chomsky BBnaija also added that her father is staying in Gabon at the moment.

Chomzy BBnaija

Churmzy Bbnaija Education

She went to a very nice school and the history of her school was not disclosed by her.

This may be due to one reason or another but BBtitans promise to always keep you updated with information about her school.

Chomzy Bbnaija Career

The beautiful and adorable girl is an entrepreneur and someone who loves to have vast knowledge about many other businesses.

When she was little, she developed a passion for dancing and she has talents as well.

As time goes on, she became a model as well, and she add a fashion designer career to it.

Her Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

Chomzy BBnaija has a lot to say about coming to big brother Naija as she believed big brother Naija would change her life.

She performed well in the show and she was loved by many owing to her attitude on the reality tv show as well

Churmzy Bbnaija Wins In The House

Although she was finally evicted from the show on an eviction day but coming to the show is a big win for her. 

Her career and as well her business skyrocketed after coming to the big brother Naija show.

Her Personalities

Chomzy Bbaija loves to be very calm, always wanting truth and she hates cheating as well. 

Chomzy Bbnija Hobbies

She loves to cook, dance, watch movies, have fun with people, and as well taking several pictures.

Chomzy Bbnaija Net Worth

 She is the youngest in the reality television show and she has made some good money while coming out of the show.

Her business and her career path are doing great.

With all she got and all her business, her estimated net worth as of the year 2022 is 60,000 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about Chomzy.

Is Chomzy Married?

No, she is not at the moment

What Are Chomzy Hobbies?

She loves playing music, having fun, and cooking as well.