Vandora BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Relationship And Net Worth

Vandora BBnaija, who is this beautiful lady? Many of her stories and information will surprise you.

Vandora Bbnaija

Yes, as usual, you are going to learn about her biography and you shall receive full information about her. 

But before then, you need to know a little about her and the big brother Naija show for that season.

Vandora BBnaija, Who Is She?

Vandora BBnaija who did well in big brother Naija season 3 show is the talk for today.

She gained entry to the big brother Naija show in the year 2018 with several other housemates of about 20 in numbers.

The show was tagged Double Wahala during its time and many interesting things happened in the show.

Without mincing words or without wasting time, let us go to her biography without excluding other parts of her stories.

Vandora BBnaija Biography And Early Life

Venessa Williams also known as vandora BBnaija was born in the year 1996 to a family of Mr. and Mrs. William.

She was born and raised in Lagos state but she is a native of Edo state.

She was born into a rich family and she spent quality time with her family as well.

Vandora Bbnaija

By religion, She is from a Christian home.

Did she receive a quality education? Let us discuss that in the next section of this article.

Educational Profile Of Vandora bbnaija

Coming from a rich family, vandora BBnaija received a quality education from her parents.

For her primary school education, she attended Table View High School and for her Secondary school education, she received that in South Africa.

However, For her university, she went to the AAA School of Advertising.

She accomplished various levels of education by Residing both in Lagos state and South Africa

Vandora BBnaija Career

As a smart, promising, and optimistic lady, she started her career when she was very young.

Being intelligent, she ventured into the makeup and beauty industry and she is doing well.

At the moment, she is a top Nigerian beautician, make-up artist, and a vlogger 

Even before she came to the show, she has been doing well for herself and after coming to the big brother Naija show, her business has been booming.

How was her journey in big brother Naija’s house? Let us know below.

Her Journey In The Big Brother Show

Vendora BBnaija tried her best in the house and she did well in the show.

Her presence in the show has been felt by many of her followers and that has made her loved by many.

She didn’t win the show or receive the prizes but she has won the hearts of many of her loved ones.

Coming to the show has brought out her light and she is now known by many.

Her Net Worth 

Vandora Bbnaija

She is doing well for herself and her business is soaring high as usual. 

With all she got and endorsements, she is worth 230,000 dollars as of the year 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some interesting questions about Vandora Bbnaija.

How Old Is Vandora?

She was born in the year 1996 and that means she is a 26-year-old lady at the moment of writing this article.

What Is Her Personality?

She loves to be real with herself and even with others. She dislikes cheating, abuse and violence.