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Maria BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Boyfriend And Others You Need To Know

Talking about the great and beautiful souls that the show big brother Naija produced, Maria is said to be one of them. She is naturally endowed and has a beautiful heart as well. How much do you know about her? Well, should or in case you don’t know much about her, her full biography and her lifestyle will be provided in detail below. 

Maria BBnaija, Who Is She

This popular and known girl has crested her name among the top and most popular stars and other models. 

Although she was a little bit popular before coming to the reality show but she was made known to the whole of Nigeria and even some parts of Africa after she participated in Africa’s biggest reality TV show also known as big brother Naija shine ya eyes in the year 2021. 

This is not where it ends as there are more interesting facts to explore about the beautiful Maria. Her career, relationship status, how she finds her way to the big brother, and wins are part of what will be discussed in the article below. Now, take your glass cup of wine and sip gently and you scroll further. 

Maria BBNaija Biography

Maria who goes by the full name Maria Chike Agueze or Maria Chike Benjamin was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Agueze in the year 1992. 

She came from the Igbo region of the country, a state called Imo to be precise. 

While she was introducing herself and giving a speech at the conference meeting in the TV show, she revealed that her mother is a white woman who hails from the country Britain. 

She also disclosed that she had some sisters either younger or older and she didn’t give out in-depth details about them. 

Maria BBNaija Education

Like other people who go to school, Maria is a highly educated and brilliant mind. Although Maria hails from IMO states, she did not complete her education levels in Nigeria. 

It was said she went to trinity school afterward she went to a college in the UK called MANCAT. She didn’t pause her studies there as she went further to the university of Sanford in the United Kingdom where she studied media and performing arts in the university. 

Her Career

Maria BBNaija is an industrious and hardworking lady with pleasant and well-spoken English. She as well started her career so early. 

In the year 2006, she started working as the front lead in the house of a representative where it was revealed that she spent a total of 5 years working at the premises. 

Later on in the year 2012, she also worked as an assistant at a college in the UK before finally joining a financial products company known as KBC where her role at the company was to serve as a human resources assistant. 

In 2006, Maria started her career in Uk by working as the front House representative at Grosvenor Casinos, where she worked for five years. 

Maria is a lady that loves to travel and explore and in order to fulfill her great dreams, she started another career where she worked as an air hostess for an emirate airline for a total of 5 years. 

As it is now and at moment, Maria is a real estate agent in the city of Dubai. 

How She Finds Her Way To The Big Brother House

Maria, who was looking for a way to grow big, also auditioned for the big brother Naija show in the year 2021. 

Big brother Naija season 6 has been the best part of Maria’s life, it was the show that made her known and popular all over the internet giving her lots of fan base and followers. 

Her Wins In The Big Brother Naija House

Although Maria is a smart being in the show, she seems cool and gentle. Though her eviction came in the form of shock and no one even expected that because they assume that she is going to scale through till the final but it turns out to be negative. 

During her stay in big brother Naija’s house, she played lots of games, became the head of the house, and eventually won some amount of money before finally leaving the show during the eviction night.

Maria’s Hobbies

As smart as she is, Maria loves traveling around the globe, living an expensive lifestyle, and meeting new people. She doesn’t talk too much and she loves kindness. 

Her Relationship Status

Although in the Reality TV show, it was shown that Maria and Pere love each other but that doesn’t lead to a relationship and both of them move on with their life after the show.

After the show, it was exposed that Maria didn’t have a boyfriend at first and all her expensive trips are being paid for by an unknown sugar daddy.

After that, it was found out that she is in a relationship with a big boy known as Kelvin who is also known and popular on the internet.  

It was said that Kelvin was initially married with 2 kids but he and his wife divorced and went their separate ways. 

Her Houses

After the big brother Naija show, Maria came to the internet and announced the purchase of a new apartment during the allegation of her having an affair with a married man who goes by the name Kelvin. 

Maria Cars

Though it was said that she bought a car as well, both the house and car were kept on a secret and they were not revealed to the public 

Her Net Worth 

During her stay in the big brother house, Maria won some amount of money and with her business and endorsements, she is worth 100, 000 dollars as of the year 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Whether you are a big fan of Maria or not, you might want to ask a few questions and the answers have been provided below. 

Is Maria And Pere Dating?

As said above, Pere and Maria seem to love each other during the reality shows but turns out not to be true after the show and they all depart in their own way. Though they still remain friends with no form of grudges. 

Is Maria’s Mother Still Alive

It was sad that Maria’s father is still alive but her mother kissed the dust and passed on to glory in 2013 after battling with a long-term illness.