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Jaypaul BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Fantacies, Relationship And Net Worth

Jaypaul bbnaija who is a smart, intelligent, and fashionable being is one of the lucky people who were able to find their way into the big brother reality tv show.

Jaypaul is said to be one of the lucky housemates who have ever made it into big brother Naija’s house. 

As smart as he is, he is also cool and lovable which has allowed him to capture the mind of his fans and viewers. 

Both offline and online, Jaypaul is doing very well in his various careers which include his businesses and as well his lifestyles.

This adorable housemate of the big brother season 6 show is someone with a high sense of fashion and personality, his intelligence quotient is a top one. 

Jaypaul bbnaija

During his stay on the big brother Naija reality tv show, he has wowed many including the housemates and the viewers as well because of his admirable lifestyle and as well hygienic living.

There is more to discuss on Jaypaul bbnaija as this is not where the storyline will come to an end. 

Before proceeding further, let’s get to know more about him and who he truly is. 

JayPaul Bbnaija, Who Is He

As a viewer or bbnaija lover, you can’t mention that you are not familiar with jaypaul and his personality in the big brother Naija house.

Apart from being cool and handsome, he Is very lively when it comes to having fun with people. 

His stays in the big brother’s house have shown that he is never a dull or boring type. 

He caught the attention of Saskay who is a female housemate and they seem to love each other so much in the big brother Naija show. 

More about the relationship and others will be discussed in this article and as well, and you will know more about jaypaul bbnaija, his biography, family, career and education, his fantasies, and other things that are proportional to his life or living. Sit, be calm, and read through as you get the information. 

Jaypaul Bbnaija Biography 

The clean and nice housemate jaypaul who goes by the name paul Ephraim was born and brought up in the city of Calabar, cross rever state to a godly and Christian family. 

He was born in the year 1992 on the 19th of October to be precise. Currently, he is 30 years old and according to him, he spent most of his early life growing up in the city of Calabar but right now at this moment of his life, he is currently staying in Lagos. 

Let’s get to know about his education and as well his career below. 

JayPaul Bbnaija Educational Background

As usual and like other people who go to school, Jaypaul did not struggle to go to school and receive a quality education.

He went to a nice secondary school and as well he completed his basic and elementary classes without any obstruction where he received his testimonials and certificate. 

After he has received his SSCE certificate for his secondary school education, Jaypaul bbnaija proceed as he got admission to the university of summy in the county called Ukraine. 

How He Started His Career

Jaypaul is a music lover and he put all his effort into being a good musician which he is still working up to at the moment. 

While he was young, although his family was rich, he loved working hard so he could achieve success on his own. He loves to be independent on his own.

Not only music as he has a passion for making several movies with a driven purpose in life, but he is also an entrepreneur and businessman who has a tour for his music and as well his movies. 

How Was His Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

JayPaul’s journey in the big brother Naija house went very well and as well very smoothly. 

He gave a lot of positive vibes in the house which he cannot be forgotten up till today. 

Although when he was evicted, many individuals were not happy because he gave a lot of vibes in the house. 

However, going to the big brother Naija house is a very big win for him and it helps him gain a more fan base and as well to showcase his talents to the world. 

Going to big brother Naija is the best thing that can ever happen to his life.  

Jaupaul Bbnaija Personality

As the cool guy he seems to be, he loves listening to and composing music and as well he loves to read motivational books and books that will give him more inspiration about businesses and success.

His Hobbies

Jaypual had some fantasies which can be seen in big brother Naija house. He loves dancing, playing music, singing, and as well having fun around his other housemates. 

Jaypaul BBnaija Relationship Status

Jaypaul Bbnaija was a lover in the house, especially toward a female housemate called Saskay

Jaypaul bbnaija

Saskey is an adorable and cool girl and viewers say the both of them will fit a good relationship but when jaypaul was evicted, and after the end of the show, both of them didn’t come together to start a beautiful relationship.

As it is now and at the moment of writing this article, jaypaul is very much single and he is not ready to mingle at the moment. 

Jaypaul Bbnaija Net Worth

Jaypaul bbnaija
Although jaypaul loves to be very secretive, the record of his cars and houses can not be traced but with all he got and as well with his businesses, he is currently worth a total of 45 million in naira. 

Frequently Asked Question

These are a few questions and answers series that you will not want to miss out on. 

Who Did Jaypaul Love In The Big Brother House?

As seen in big brother Naija’s house, Jaypaul loves the adorable girl Saskay and they seem to both love each other. 

What Did Jaypaul Give To Saskay? 

In big brother’s house, Jaypaul goes on his kneel to give saskay a beautiful and presentable flower which wowed lots of other housemates in the show. 

Is Jaypaul In A Relationship At The Moment? 

No, Jaypaul is not in a relationship at the moment.