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Ka3na BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Ka3na BBnaija, who is she and in what way do you know her? 

Ka3na is a nice lady with a beautiful kid. She has lots of stories and information to give and you will learn them in the article below.  

ka3na bbnaija

Yes, you will learn and receive all the vital information and details about ka3na BBnaija.

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Ka3na BBnaija, What Is Special About Her? 

Ka3na BBnaija is among the fellow housemates that are allowed to be in the big brother reality tv show.

She is popular in the big brother’s house due to the behavior she possesses

Without wasting your time, read on to know about her biography and early life.

Ka3na Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

Kate Jones is the full and real name of the popular big brother Naija star Ka3na.

She was born in the year 1994 which means she is 28 years old as of the year 2022. 

According to her speech in the big brother’s house, she is from a decent family.

Although she didn’t reveal much information about her family members.

As usual, keep on checking as we will do more research on that and keep you updated.

Let’s get some information about her education and her career as well.

Ka3na Bbnaija Education Profile

Looking at and listening to the way she speaks, you will find out that she goes to school.

However, she is a very secretive lady and she did not reveal much about her school.

We will just keep on doing our best to keep you updated.

Her Career

Ka3na BBnaija considered herself a very strong woman. 

This is because she is very hardworking and as well very determined towards succeeding. 

She is an entrepreneur and she is doing very great in her field of study.

In her country Nigeria, she runs a luxury fashion brand that is successful. 

From estimation, her business is now worth millions of naira. 

Let’s keep pushing forward to know about her journey in the big brother house.

Ka3na BBnaija’s journey in the reality Tv Show

Like many other housemates, she did her best and she performed very well. 

Coming to the show means a lot to her as she is always happy.

Her Win

On the Eviction night, ka3na BBnaija was evicted.

Ka3na Kid

ka3na bbnaija
Ka3na And Her Daugher

She is a lovely mother of a beautiful girl.

But, she has still made more fame from the house. 

Net Worth Of Ka3na BBnaija

Her business is performing well both online and offline as well. 

With all she got, her net worth is estimated to be 140,000 dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

How Old Is Ka3na?

The former reality show star was born in the year 1994, she completed 28 July 17th 2022.

Where Is Ka3na From?

Kate Jones popularly known as Ka3na is from Rivers, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Did Ka3na Contest For Any Political Position In Nigeria?

The former reality show star did announce her intentions to contest the 2023 presidential election under the All Progressive Congress (APC).