Who won Big Brother Naija Season 1?

Are you wondering who won Big Brother Naija season 1? Do you know how the reality show Big Brother Naija started? Keep reading to learn more!

Who won Big Brother Naija Season 1?

who won big brother naija season 1?


Big Brother Naija fans will admit that Big Brother Naija season 1 was one of a kind, considering its new Naija theme. The show, hosted by Olisa Adibua and Michelle Dede, had a 100,000 naira cash prize, alongside other beneficial gifts, like endorsements. Ebuka was initially perceived to be the favorite housemate, so many assumed he would emerge the winner. As the show many have it, Katung started taking the lead and eventually beat 13 other housemates. He won the 100, 000 cash prize, as Francisca Owumi became the runner-up, if in third place and Sandy in fourth place. He won with a total of 51.3 percent, which was way more than the runner-up’s score. The crowd was delighted, as his fans were placed with the outcome of the competition.

About Big Brother Naija Season 1

The Big Brother Naija Season 1 premiered on March 5th to June 4th, 2006. The show was the first series of the Big Brother Naija show after Big Brother Africa. The show featured about 14 housemates and aired for a number of 92 days. The original network for the show was M-Net and DStv. The host of the show was Olisa Adibua and Michelle Dede. Considering that the show was the first episode of the Big Brother Naija series, the show was really a success. While incorporating the Naija vibe, the show was a creative showcase of Nigeria’s culture and the beauty of the different perspectives of the different personalities in the house. The winner of the show was Katung Aduwak, and the runner-up was Francisca Owumi.

A highlight of Big Brother Naija Season 1

Big Brother Naija Season 1

The first season of the Big Brother Naija show was originally aired from March 5th to June 4th, 2006. The show was filled with exciting twists and a display of the Naija spirit. One of the notable highlights of the show was the addition of a new contestant on day 23. This twist was more of an excitement to the housemates, as there was a new vibe and interaction phase in the house.

Next is Ebuka’s popularity in the Big Brother House and outside the house. Ebuka was the most popular housemate, almost from the beginning of the show to several weeks into the competition. He was initially believed to emerge as the winner of the show. Fans argued about his popularity and suggested he would win the show at the end of the day. However, it came as a shock when he was evicted, as the seventh evicted housemate in the show. Most fans believed that the fan club known as Joe’s Fan Club was responsible for his eviction. The twist was that Joe was later evicted.

As the show went on, another twist was added on Day 79, when a scheduled nomination was canceled. Then the housemates were made to believe that eviction was based on task performance I assigned tasks. However, in reality, no eviction was held; instead viewers started voting. At the end of the show, the 26-year-old Katung Aduwak emerged as the winner of the Big Brother Naija season 1.

About Katung Aduwak the Winner of Big Brother Naija Season 1

Katung Aduwak is the winner of the Big Brother Naija season 1. He is a scriptwriter from Kaduna who emerged as the winner of the 100,000 naira Big Brother Naija cash prize, as he beat 13 other housemates in the reality show. Katung Aduwak continued his career after the show as he continued his studies in New York at the Digital Film Academy. Upon the conclusion of his studies, he earned a degree in directing and soon joined the film industry. Presently, he works as a film producer, as he has worked on popular productions like ‘Unwanted Guest” and “Heaven Hell.”

Some of his other appearances include in films like “Desperate Housewives” and EbonyLife TV. He was also a media panelist at the Harvard Africa Business School Forum. He worked as the executive director at Chocolate City, as the senior channel manager at MTV Base, and as senior creative director at VIACOM International and many more.

How did Big Brother Naija come about?

big brother naija season 1

Since we are considering the first season of Big Brother Naija season 1, examining how Big Brother Naija show came about is essential. So, how did Big Brother Naija show come about? In answering this question, we will be considering the piece that inspired the show, the original founder, current producer and current owner of the Big Brother Naija show. Learn more below:

The idea of Big Brother Naija is said to have emerged from a hit novel titled Nineteen Eight-Four. The hit novel featured a setting where everyone in the society had cameras and microphones monitoring their moves. The police watched everyone, and this was seen as the inspiration for the Big Brother Naija show. The Big Brother Naija show features a setting where contestants are confined in a house and are restricted from the outside world for some weeks. A cash prize is set, and the housemate with the highest vote wins the cash prize. Over the years, the ownership of the reality show has experienced change.

The show was originally founded by John de Mol. Jr, who is a Dutch billionaire. The show currently belongs to Banjay Group of Companies. This entertainment company is known to have produced many hit shows around the world, including fictional hit films like Peaky Blinders and Mr. Bean. The producer of the show is Red Peppers Pictures, and the Franchise is partly owned by Multichoice Nigeria.



The very first season of Big Brother Naija show offered viewers a full package of entertainment. The show introduced the Naija experience through a reality competition. The show had many twists, which made it unique, unpredictable and interesting. At the end of the 92 days, Katung Aduwak won Big Brother Naija Season 1, with a cash price of 100,000 naira. We’ve also considered a brief biography of the winner and the highlight of the show. For more information on Big Brother Naija, kindly visit bbtitans.com.