BBnaija reunion

BBNaija Reunion: Who Hosted It And Why Is It Necessary?

It is no doubt that bbnaija is the biggest reality tv show in Nigeria and even in all regions of Africa. It has brought a lot of huge effects on the entertainment industry and even beat the popular Nigerian idol when it comes to popularity, fame and prize. 

After the show and the winner is given cash and other prizes, reality tv usually hosts a reunion show known as BBNaija reunion. 

Should or in case you are not familiar with the reunion party, we have gathered and listed some important things you need to know about the reunion party, not only that as we have as well listed some crucial scenes that occur in the BBNaija reunion party. Read through the article below and get them. 

Bbnaija Reunion, What Does It Stand For? 

BbNaija reunion party is a must-watch for all Nigerian fans of the popular reality TV show. It is an opportunity to see their favorite contestants reunite with each other, as well as the chance to see who has managed to stay relevant in the Nigerian entertainment industry after they just concluded the big brother Naija party. 

The reunion show is an opportunity for the producers and crew of Bbnaija to do some damage control after all of the drama that happened during the stay of the housemates in the big brother naija house. 

They can address some of the issues that were left unresolved during the show and give viewers closure on some interesting storylines.

There is a lot to learn from the big brother reunion party as the housemates see themselves and different questions were put to them based on their lifestyle, gist, secret and all what happened during and outside the bbnaija reality show. 

It was said the BBNaija reunion party has been alive for the past 2 years now and still counting.

It has been hosted by Toni Kan and Teddy A, with other hosts including Funmi Iyanda, Sasha Gohardly, Linda Ejiofor and Seyi Sodipere.

Bbnaija reunion is a show that features the best of the best from the popular Nigerian reality show, Big Brother Naija. The show is hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Efe Ejeba.

This was to celebrate the end of season two of Bbnaija and to give fans a chance to see their favorite contestants from season two.

BbNaija Reunion Party, Who Hosted It? 

The speaker and best of the best from the popular reality tv show, big brother naija who goes by the name Ebuka obi uchendu is known to be the main host and Efe Ejeba is the secondary. Sometimes the hosts can vary from year to year. 

What Is The Purpose Of Bbnaija Reunion Party? 

Like it was said above, in the reunion party or show, the housemates both the evicted and those who made it to the final, come together from all walks of life and showcase themselves, get to know each other better and show love to one another. 

Where Does The Reunion Party Take Place? 

This wonderful show is said often to take place in Lagos or Abuja city but leaves Lagos to be the dominant city where the party is registered and carried on. 

The reunion show is broadcast live from a studio in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital city. The shows are recorded and made available online for free viewing on YouTube without any restrictions from youtube programs. The show is very lively and fascinating. 

How Many Days For The Reunion Party

It depends, sometimes the show can last for a week but at least a minimum of 2 days. 

Scene From Past Episodes of Bbnaija Reunion

There are various stories from the last episode of the reunion party that wows many, you will not want to miss them. Check below to see some crucial moments that take place at the reunion party. 

Saga Receiving A Strike From Bigi

This is a scene in the reunion party that was discussed and has caused a lot of people to laugh. 

Because of what saga did, he has been called a weak man and he has been made a laughing stock.

Because of the love he had for nini, he was assigned a tasks from big brother Naija to receive a 200 note of abeg naira but he fucked up and couldn’t meet up with the task which brought him a strike, however, he was evicted on the eviction day. 

Pere Reigns As Head Of The House

This story was very interesting to many viewers of the reality tv show. It was seen that Pere had a beef or hate on white money and he said white money is always using the strategies of his cooking as a means to attract voters and more followers or to channel people’s attention to him. 

However, when pere became the head of house, he controlled and commanded whitemoney to stop cooking in the kitchen as usual and assigned him to be working in the bathroom and toilet. 

This is a story that wow many and made more viewers channel their energy to buy votes for whitemoney and after all the issues and dramas in the house, he eventually came out as the winner

Tega And Boma

The stories of both of them filled the internet after the act they engaged in made many people dislike them, especially made boma lose respect. 

Boma was said to have been caught by camera engaging in sexual and immoral acts with Tega who is a married woman with a kid. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

About the BbNaija Reunion party or show, these are some answered questions that might be of help. 

Is The BBNaija Reunion Party Showing On Saturday?

It depends on the host and as well time factors. 

Has BBNaija Reunion Party Started For 2022? 

No, they just concluded the reality tv show is not quite long and the reunion date has not been fixed. 

What Is BBNaija Reunion Channel On GOtv And DStv

According to the host, the channel on Dstv is channel 153 and 154 while on GOtv is channel number 2.