Queen BBnaija Biography, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Fantasies And Net Worth

If we say someone is beautiful and gorgeous at the same time, we can’t turn back without mentioning the big brother Naija season 6 housemate who goes by the nick Queen Bbnaija.

Queen bbnaija who goes by the real name Mercy Okon Atang is a famous and renowned tv presenter and as well philanthropist.

She owns a charity ward or organization that is widely known in Nigeria.

She has lots of business as she is doing well on her own without the support or corporation of any man. 

Queen Bbnaija has a lot of attributes that have been shown in the big brother house.

Queen Bbnaija

A lot of viewers and fans have given her lots of votes during her stay in the big brother Naija house because she brought positive vibes to the show and she is never a boring person.

She loves playing around the other housemates and receiving advice from some of the housemates that are present in the show, especially whitemoney.

More details about her and white money will be discussed later in this article but before that, let’s get to know more about queen bbnaija and who she seems to be.

Queen Bbnaija, Who Is She And What You Need To Know

As adorable, attractive, and sexy as she is, she is also a strong woman who doesn’t play or joke with words in the big brother naija reality show house.

She has a lot of great personality and attributes in the house and being a cheerful giver, she has caught the attention, feelings, and love of her followers and fans both inside and outside of the reality tv show.

Queen bbniaja has several works she is doing as she loves to be independent.

Before going to the show, she was an entrepreneur, a business analyst, an upcoming politician, and a top fashion model. She is indeed skillful at both hands. 

This is not where it will stop as there is more to explore about queen bbnaija which includes her biography and early lifestyle, her career and education, her hobbies and her marital or relationship status, and many light things that will be said about her with include her cars and as well her total net worth as of the year 2022.

Queen Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

Queen Bbnaija

Mercy Okon Atang who goes by the nickname queen came into existence on the 11th of June 1995 to a Christian family of Mr and Mrs Atang.

She was born in Akwa Ibom state and she grew up there before she moved to Lagos where she is at the moment. 

Queen bbnaija weighs 121 kilograms and 55 pounds. She is light in complexion with dark hair and dark brown eye color that is as well attractive when looked at.

According to the speech she gave during an interview or discussion in the big brother Naija house, she is not the only child of her parents as her mother gave birth to 3 other beautiful siblings.

She has learned a great lesson in life as she said she is being trained and brought up by her mother who is a deep Christian and has given her a lot of good attitude and character.

Queen Bbnaija Educational Background

Queen’s education is a smooth one as she never lacks. She is from a wealthy family and all she wants to survive and for scaling through the school are being provided.

Queen BBNaija had her primary and secondary school education in Nigeria but the full details about the exact school she went to were not yet revealed by her.

However, she attended the Tansian university that is located in the Oyi local government area in Anambra state, Nigeria for her tertiary degree education

Queen Bbnaija Career

When she was young, Queen loved to be an entrepreneur which she always worked on all her life.

She is a person who is highly ambitious and driven with high positive values.

She sees herself as an excellent being and someone who possesses the quality of a true leader. 

Queen bbnaija is a known philanthropist as she opened a foundation known by the acronym QMA which goes with the full meaning of mercy a tang foundation.

Right now and at the moment, Queen Bbnaija also has plans to become an upcoming politician and business model which she is working toward.

As beautiful and adorable as she is, she has won an international beauty queen contest.

Her Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

The journey of the queen in the big brother Naija reality television show is great and it all went smoothly.

Although she was not among the first housemates that entered the show as she came in during the middle of the show.

With all, she even performed better than some other people that have been in the house before her entry.

However, she was finally evicted on the eviction night but she is still right in our minds.

Big Brother Naija has made her known and she has been brought to the limelight.

After the big brother Naija show, she has also gained some revenue and has as well increased her presence on social media which has added to her income and her revenue.

Her Relationship Status

Although when queen bbnaija came into the show, she was very much single according to her. She is a loving girl and she developed an affection for white money.

But it seems whitemoney was fully focused on the grand prize of the show and he didn’t want to lose focus so he could not enter into a relationship with Queen.

After the show, they both went their separate ways and the Queen is said to be single at the moment.

Her Personality And Hobbies

Queen bbnaija is a very gentle and promising young lady. She is very loving and she cares a lot.

However, she dislikes cheating and when someone is cursing and abusive, she gets mad or gets mad.

Her fantasies in the house include playing, singing, dancing, and having fun around people. She is indeed a very lively lady.

Queen Bbnaija Net Worth

Queen doesn’t love to post her wins in the big brother Naija’s house, she might get a car or even a house she seems to keep it a secret.

However, her net worth as of the year 2022 is estimated to be 200 thousand dollars.