Adekunle BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Adekunle Bbnaija is also a prominent and popular guy since his stay in big brother Naija’s house.

He is among the housemates of the big brother reality television show, season 7 to be precise which was tagged Bbnaija Level Up.

Adekunle Bbnaija is voted by fans to be a great man of value.

His stay in big brother Naija’s house has shown that he is a guy with a lot of vibes and alongside he understands situations so much.

He is almost known for his attitude of caring and giving.

Adekunle Bbnaija is so free with other of the housemates that are present in the show and this has made many viewers and followers root for more of his presence in the big brother Naija show.

Adekunle BBnaija

However, he tried his best and did all he could do, giving the positive vibes and attitude the viewers needed from the housemate but he still didn’t come out as the winner.

Although he didn’t lose as he saw through the grand finale as he was among the finalists that made it into the final section of the big brother level-up reality tv show.

Adekunle Bbnaija was however evicted from big brother Naija’s house during the grand finale. 

Let’s get to know more about him and in the next section, you will know who Adekunle Bbnaija really is and what his business or work is at the moment.

Adekunle Bbnaija, Who Is He And What You Have To Know

Adekunle Bbnaija who goes by the name Adekunle Tobiloba Olapade and is popularly called Adekunle or the nickname elder statesman has been brought to the limelight after going to the big brother Naija level-up show.

He is a man of purpose and since his coming to the big brother Naija house, he has gained massive followers and as well fans who have supported him in one way or the other.

Adekunle Bbnaija is into many things such as writing and he is also an entrepreneur.

Adekunle BBnaija

He is a man that is filled with good knowledge and wisdom.

In big brother Naija’s house, he is seen to be a very hardworking and ambitious guy who is always focused on his struggle.

Since his stay in big brother Naija’s house, he has not received any strike or any form of violence or bad reputation which include bad leadership and bad behavior were discovered in him.

There is more to explore about the handsome guy Adekunle and we are going to that shortly without wasting time.

What are we going to discuss below? Let’s highlight them as we check them one after the other.

You are going to know more about his biography, education, career, his journey and wins in the big brother Naija house, his personality and hobbies or fantasies, his relationship status, his net worth, and many other questions about him or related to him will be discussed as well.

Adekunle Bbnaija Biography And Early Life 

Adekunle who goes by the full and real name Adekunle Tobiloba Olapade was born on the 6th of October 1994 which means he is a 28-year-old guy at the moment.

Adekunle BBnaija

He was born into a decent and Godly Yoruba family Mr. and Mrs. Bolanle Olopade who hails from the city of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Adekunle Bbnaija’s dad is a Christian and his mum is a Muslim but according to him, his parents have divorced. The bbnaija star Aekunle also has a little kid whose name is not revealed.

Adekunle Educational Background

Adekunle did his secondary school at King’s College, Lagos State, and finished in 2010.

The reality show star went to Redeemer’s University, where he studied Accountancy and graduated in 2014.

How Did Adekunle Start His Career

He was a good writer after which he became the co-founder of a board called the Adire nation.

Later on, he was interviewed by an organization known as entrepreneur Africa alongside some top firms and that was in the year 2018.

When he gave a speech at the organization, he said his Adire nation was founded in the year 2014 and it has been doing good up till today.

Like it was said above, Adekunle is said to be an ambitious man as he has other businesses as well so as to increase his streams of income.

Adekunle Bbnaija did not pause as he also created other business ventures that he called a digital marketing consultant venture.

In his motivational speech in the big brother Naija house, Adekunle has passed through a lot in life as he said that there was a certain stage in his life where he is always playful, either watching movies on YouTube or playing games on his phone almost all day.

He realized that he could not gain anything meaningful from there so he had to take his life with seriousness as it resulted in being positive and making him who he is today.

His Personalities

Adekunle is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant before he even became a star at the Big Brother house.

The BBNaija star is a self-actualized introvert, someone who takes pride as a giver to assist other people.

Adekunle is not someone who is even dreaming to create a better life for himself or even thinking of making the world a better place, he is always with his phone either he is playing games on his phone or watching videos, he has said that peacemaking is his priority in his life.

His Relationship Status

Adekunle is a single guy, he is not yet married. He believes in love at first sight. He has said he’s ready to mingle.

Some Facts About Adekunle

There are some facts you need to know about the popular reality show star and these facts include

  • He is 28 years old
  • He is a self-actualize introvert
  • He is currently single
  • He is an entrepreneur

His Net Worth

As of now, the reality show star net worth isn’t available yet on the net. But this article will be updated soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are relevant questions on Adekule

How Old Is Adekunle

The BBnaija star Adekunle BBnaija was born on the 6th of October 1994 which means he is 28 years old at the moment.

Is Adekunle Married

No evidence has been used to prove his marital status.