kiddwaya BBnaija Biography, Education, Career, Relationship, Personalities And Net Worth

We won’t forget about the romantic Bbnaija season 5 lockdown housemate who goes by the name Kiddwaya.

He is one of the popular and top personalities that is in the big brother Naija house during that season.

He is a very cool guy plus he has a high sense of humor. Kiddwaya Bbnaija has a lot to be talked about.

Although Kiddwaya Bbnaija was popular before coming to big brother Naija’s house only a few people know him, the show has been great for him and he is now known in every nook and cranny of the country in Nigeria.

kiddwaya BBnaija

Not only in Nigeria as he is known outside Africa and the world beyond.

Like it was said before, there is a lot to talk about Kiddwaya Bbnaija and you won’t miss any information concerning him and as well his lifestyle.

Before going further, let’s get to know more about who he truly seems to be before furthering to know about his birth, how he was brought up, his career and as well as his education plus other aspects of his life that will be revealed below.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija, Who Is He? And How Much Do You Know Him?

Kiddwaya Bbnaija who goes by the real and full name Terseer Kiddwaya is a known entrepreneur who loves to be self-employed.

kiddwaya BBnaija

During his stay on the big brother reality tv show, he has gained the love of many fans owing to his ability to act like a leader and as well because of his great personality and how he attends to trivial and important matters in the house.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija is a very kind, cool, and humble being and these attributes can be seen in him while he was still in big brother Naija’s house.

His parents are still very very lively and active and they are alive so let’s get to know more about Kiddway Bbnaija family and other aspects of his life or lifestyle.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija Biography And Family

kiddwaya BBnaija
Kiddwaya Parents

The Rich boy Kiddwaya who goes by the name Terseer Kiddwaya was born on the 5th of march in the year 1993 which means he is a 29-year-old guy at the moment of writing this post.

He was born and brought up in Benue state before relocating to Lagos. He was born to the family of terry and Susan wire who are very rich in their doings.

Apart from being rich, Kiddwaya was born into a decent and as well godly family.  

His Educational Background 

Kiddwaya Bbnaija is a privileged guy as he was born into Wealth and he didn’t pass through the stress and struggles in life.

  He attained all sections and school and he received a quality education as well.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija went to a basic, primary, and secondary school as well but the details of the exact school he went to was not found 

However, the Ex-Big Brother Naija star schooled abroad, he got his first degree in business management at Nottingham Trent University, England between 2011/2015.

He also did his Master’s in International Studies at the same university between 2017/2018.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija Career Path

Although he was born into a rich and wealthy family, kiddwaya Bbnaija believes he can attain success by himself and he doesn’t want to depend on the wealth of his father as he is working toward that.

With all he got and knows, he has been known on the internet as he has been brought to the limelight.

Apart from kiddwaya being an entrepreneur, he has also gained massive wealth as he is known to be controlling some of the business his father own such as the agricultural business that was handled to him by his father. 

His career is a smooth one as he is seeing courage and as well as support from his parents.

More Details About Kiddwaya Bbnaija Parents

Kiddwaya Bbnaija father who goes by the name terry wire is a business mugil and as well a billionaire.

His father is also popularly known on the internet to be called Mr. Versace due to his act of him flaunting his luxurious lifestyle.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija mom who goes by the name Susan wire is a known and top Nigerian politician, activist, philanthropist, and as well as housing expert.

His Wins In The Big Brother Naija House

Kiddwaya Bbnaija staying in the house has been a great one as he has given the positive vibes that people require from him. 

Although some people claimed that he was not in the show because of the money but because of the fame that he would get from being in big brother Naija’s house. 

However, he was finally evicted from the big brother reality television show on the eviction night.

Although kiddwaya Bbnaija could not win the show he has gained a lot and massive support from his colleague and fans and he is now a top celebrity and as well a social media sensation.

Kiddwaya Bbnaija Relationship Status

On Monday the 19th of September 2022, it was alleged that the reality show star was engaged, but he publicly said that he’s not in any relationship and he doesn’t have a fiance.

Kiddwaya Personalities And Fantasies

Kiddway is a businessman, someone who loves to be independent, although he’s from a wealthy family, his father is a billionaire, and he’s still into various businesses. He loves clubbing, parties, and anything of luxury.

Kiddway Bbnaija Net Worth

Kiddwaya was the housemate of the Big Brother Naija Season5  reality show tagged “lockdown”. He’s from a wealthy background and he is into business also.

His net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $300, 000

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some questions you might be willing to know about the billionaire son kiddwaya. They are provided below, read through them.

Who Is Kiddwaya Dad And Mom?

Kiddwaya’s parents are very popular on the internet. His father known terry wire is a billionaire that is known on the internet why his mother is a prominent professor at a prestigious University

Is Kiddwaya The Only Child Of His Parent?

No, he has other siblings both younger and older

Is Kiddwaya Married?

No, kiddwaya is not married at the moment but might be in a relationship.