Groovy Bbnaija Biography, Education, Career, Personality, Girlfriend Cars, And Net Worth

Groovy Bbnaija is one of the big brother reality tv housemates, season 7 to be precise, tagged level up.

He is one of the funniest and most fascinating guy in the house.

Groovy Bbnaija is handsome and adorable and many female housemates are wishing to be in a relationship with him.

The tall light skinned guy is doting and as well caring to other housemates that are present in the house.

His stay on the big brother Naija show has given him a lot of stars as well as affection from his viewers and fans.

Groovy bbnaija

Groovy Bbnaija is a guy that is filled with a gentle soul as he doesn’t like to be in any place that is known for violence.

There is a lot more to discuss about groovy Bbnaija but before then, just like other housemates’ bios, let’s get to know who groovy Bbnaija seems to be.

Groovy Bbnaija, Who Is He And What You Should Know

The Bbnaija star groovy who became a social media sensation and a popular star after going to the big brother Naija house is said to be an entrepreneur.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is a fashionist and as well as an artist.

Coming to the big brother Naija reality tv show has indeed paved the way for him and has brought out his inner light to shine among several individuals.

Groovy Bbnaija is now known by lots of people, both online and offline which has helped him to showcase his career and as well as boosting his business.

Groovy Bbnaija is a very hardworking, ambitious, ambidextrous, and highly determined being.

His thinking and words that flowed out of his mouth during any conversation showed him to be a man filled with wisdom.

This is not where it ends about groovy Bbnaija as you are going to know about his biography, family, career, girlfriend/ relationship status, personality, and many other things that are associated with him.

Groovy Bbnaija Biography And Early Life 

Groovy Bbnaija who goes by the real and full name Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue was born in the year 1996 to a decent and godly family in Anambra state, Nigeria.

Groovy bbnaija

Although he hails from Anambra state, he grew up in the city of Lagos where he as well finished his basic and other school education.

The video he posted when he returns to his family after the eviction show, shows he is from a well-trained background and as well a wealthy family.

Well, information about his family was not disclosed by him as maybe he wants it to be a secret.

Groovy Bbnaija Education

Just like every other housemate, groovy received a quality education. He didn’t stress in school because all of his needs were provided for by his parents.

After completing his primary and secondary school education, Groovy gained a bachelor of science degree in Biochemistry at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Groovy Bbnaija Career 

As said earlier, groovy is a great thinker who is into many things.

He is an ambitious human and he always follows his mind and which means he doesn’t procrastinate.

Coming to the big brother show, groovy Bbnaija identified himself as a supportive, positive, determined, and self-sufficient being who believes he can always win and those are what pushed him to do greater things in life.

When he was at the show, groovy always focus on winning as he don’t allow distraction from several places and as well as female aspects.

His Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

Groovy Bbnaija’s journey went well in big brother Naija’s house, coming to big brother’s house has been great for him for far and so good.

He came to big brother Naija’s house with a winning mindset and he did his best but eventually, he was not chosen as the winner of the show and he finally got evicted from big brother Naija’s house.

Many of his fans and followers have come to support him, giving him different kinds of gifts and many other goods to show support and affection for him.

Groovy bbnaija

After he was evicted from the big brother Naija house, he was able to see his friends and families many of them shed tears of joy because they missed him so much.

Groovy Bbnaija Personalities

The reality show star can be very stubborn and brutally honest. He doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, he’s lively and cool but doesn’t want to be meddled with. Groovy wants to be rich, powerful, wealthy, and influential in society. 

He wants to be the voice of his country Nigeria, where people can run to and can help them. Groovy is a very principled guy, someone who can argue about anything, he’s not ready to back down until a suitable fact that he is wrong is proven.

Groovy Bbnaija Relationship Status

He is still single, but he was involved in love land with his fellow housemates Chiomzy and Beauty. Though their relationship didn’t last as they were always fond of fighting each other.

Some Hidden Facts To Know About Groovy Bbnaija

Many people don’t know who groovy is, but we are going to unveil the hidden facts about the popular reality show star. These facts include:

  • His full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue
  • His an Igbo guy from Anambra State, Nigeria
  • He is an Artist, Fashion designer, Entrepreneur, and Model.
  • Groovy is still a single guy.

Groovy Net Worth

Groovy like we said earlier is a fashion designer and a model. He is doing well in his business which will fix his net worth to an estimated $30,000.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Did Groovy Date Chiomzy?

Meanwhile, Groovy and Chiomzy like each other, but they both have different love levels and types. So they didn’t date.

What Was The Main Cause Of Groovy And Beauty’s Fight?

Beauty has always accused Groovy of not acknowledging her in public.

How Old Is Groovy?

Henry Olisaemeka Orakwu, who is popularly known as Groovy, is a 26-year-old Big Brother Naija 2022 housemate who is ambitious and hails from Anambra state. He was 26 when he joined the big brother house.