Chizzy BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personality, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Who is Chizzy BBnaija? Well, he was among the popular and famous housemates that were present in the big brother reality television show for the 7th season tagged level up.

He is an adorable being and as well he is also a cool and gentle guy.

Chizzy Bbnaija

Even if you are a newbie in the entertainment industry if you don’t know much about the biggest reality television show called big brother Naija, worry less as you are going to know more in this article.

Before proceeding further, let’s try to discuss who Chizzy BBnaija is.

Chizzy Bbnaija, Who Is He And What You Should Know

Most of the big brother Naija housemates for season 7 are entrepreneurs but that makes it interesting.

If you read other bios about the 2022 housemates of the big brother Naija reality tv show, you would find out that most of them own their own businesses.

Chizzy BBnajja is also known to be an entrepreneur as he is a very determined being.

Chizzy Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

Chizzy Bbnaija

Aniekwe Francis Chidi also known as Chizzy BBnaija was born and brought to life on the 14th of October in the year 1993 and this means he is a 29-year-old guy at the moment of writing this post.

He was born in Anambra State, Nigeria into a Godly family.

His Education 

Chizzy attended a primary and he as well received his secondary school certificate but all the details about the exact school he went to was not revealed.

Well, he went to a tertiary institution called Tansian University in Anambra but he could not graduate.

Then he furthered and graduated from Heritage Polytechnic where he studied public administration.

Chizzy Bbnaija Career

Chizzy BBnaija is an easygoing person as he describes himself.

He is an entrepreneur, he loves working out which makes him look younger than his actual age.  

He hates time wasters as he hates to waste his time on things that he ought to be doing and that means he hates procrastination

Chizzy BBnaija works as a manager at his friend’s steel company located in Ogun state. 

His Journey In The Big Brother House

Chizzy Bbnaija has a great journey in the big brother Naija house.

From meeting new people, and building more relationships and friendships, his staying in big brother means a lot 

His Wins

Chizzy could not make it to the grand finale but he gained a lot for coming to the show for which he is very grateful.

Chizzy Net Worth

With all he got and his business, he is worth 50,000 dollars as of the year 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQS section of this great article. Check through the questions and answers series about Chizzy BBnaija below.

Is Chizzy Married?

Following is status and personal details on his social media accounts, he is not yet married as of the year 2022.

Who Is Chizzy Girlfriend?

As said above, he is not yet married but he might have a girlfriend that he decided to keep a low profile.

What Are His Hobbies?

Chizzy loves reading and having fun