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Boma BBNaija Biography, Education, Career, Fantacies, Relationship And Net Worth

Boma is seen to be an intelligent guy during his stay in big brother Naija house. He is the first housemate to enter big brother Naija’s house for the year 2021. 

Boma is a mature man that is filled with high esteem and values which gives him lots of fan base and as well he had a splurge on the number of his followers both offline and online. 

This talented young man who goes by the name Boma Akpore is said to have brought life to the show being the first housemate to view the inner house of the big brother Naija season 6 show.

Is Boma a married man? There is a lot to explore about this young star and they will be discussed below which you will enjoy.

Before checking his biography and as well his other lifestyles off and on social media, let’s get to know him in detail and who he truly seems to be right away and in this article below. 

Boma Bbnaija, Who is he And What Do You Know About Him?

For someone who loves entertainment and if you are one of them, you would definitely know this guy boma especially if you are used to watching the big brother naija show.

Boma bbnaija

However, you might not know him in detail especially if you spend little time watching the big brother show due to many circumstances such as work and the rest. 

Well, don’t be perplexed. We will explore more about him in this article. 

Boma who is multitalented, kind, huge, handsome, sexy, and someone that is filled with lots of values and creativity has crested his name on the internet during his stay in the big brother naija house.

Although he looked aged in the house he is very kind and lovely with other housemates that are present in the show. 

He is adorable, and passionate and has brought a lot of positive vibes to his viewers and as well making the reality show to be lively before he was finally evicted from the show during an eviction night. 

This is not where it ends as there is more to explore about boma. His biography and where he was schooled, his career, and as well what he did in big brother Naija 

Things that brought hate to him and got people talking negatively about him will be discussed below. 

Boma Bbnaija Biography And Early Life

Boma who goes by the real name Boma Akpore was born and brought up in the Warri, Delta state. Although that was his state of origin, he grew up in Lagos where he got used to hustling. 

His early life was not easy at all as he was not born with a silver spoon. He had to do many petty jobs just for him to put food on his table and to survive at the moment. 

He was born and raised by his mother and as well as his grandmother but that was not enough as he had to hustle so he could see himself through school. What a difficult life and rosy situation. 

How did he survive his educational life in school? let’s get to know more about his education below. 

Boma Bbnaija Education Life

Boma had his basic/ elementary, primary, and secondary school in the city of Lagos before finally furthering and doing different jobs till he gained admission into the university of Lagos to get a good degree unfortunately for him, he dropped out of the school as he could not afford to survive with fees in school. 

However, being a purpose-driven and hardworking man, he didn’t relent as he did many works and little jobs and saved up some money which he used to enroll in a movie school where he, later on, graduated with a nice grade. 

His Career

Being an optimistic human being, boma has acquired a lot of skills to his name. He is a successful actor, model, and former football player. 

Boma bbnaija

Ola oluwa who was his childhood best friend has been with him during the days of his struggles and putting him to be a good model. 

After all, a smile came upon the face of boma in his modeling career where he was chosen as a top model for many design companies such as Christian door and Nobel Afric.

Apart from that, he has also modeled for several and known companies such as coca cola, Guinness, and Heineken. He also added telecommunications companies such and Nokia, glo and mtn to his works.

He knows what he is doing and he does them at his best. 

How His BBnaija Journey Went

Just like other housemates in the house, boma was very happy seeing himself coming to the big brother naija show and as the first housemate of the season.

The show had been great to him so far and has been known all over the world and in Africa countries. 

His talents and hard work have been shown to the world which has given him more good interest and revenues.

Although he didn’t win the show he gained a lot from the show. The show has helped his life from better to better which he will always be grateful for. 

Boma Bbnaija Personally And Hobbies

Boma is a very cool guy to the core who has been loved by many in the big brother Naija house. He loves playing games, acting in movies, singing, traveling, and having little fun around people. 

Relationship Status

Boma bbnaija

According to Boma, he experiences depression from a failed marriage which means he was married before but presently or at this moment, Boma is still single and he has not mingled with any lady for a marriage or relationship.

Boma Bbnaija Networth


Boma is someone who loves traveling so much that he usually stays in several places. This gives the  meaning that the houses he got cannot be estimated. 

However, before he was brought to the limelight after going to the big brother Naija show, he is already rich and he is doing well for himself. 

With his business and modeling for top organizations and with all he got, Boma net worth is around 200 million nairas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions and answers you will want to know about Boma, check them out.

What Is The Work Of Boma At The Moment?

Being an industrious and hard-working man, after Boma was evicted from the big brother Naija show, he faced his movie acting squarely.

Why Do People Hate Boma In And After The Show?

Boma was caught on camera having coitus with the married woman Tega and this act has brought a lot of hate upon him

Did Boma Apologize For What did He do? 

After the incident and after the big brother Naija show, he later went on to apologize to the public but he still denied him and Tega having coitus together.