Wathoni BBnaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Personalities, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Wathoni BBnaija has been a great lady during her stay on the big brother Naija reality tv show.

She was among those other housemates that were chosen for the big brother season 5 reality tv show tagged lockdown.

Wathoni BBnaija

The reality tv show took place in or during the Coronavirus pandemic that caused a lot of casualties to Nigerians and even the world at large.

Wathoni Bbnaija, A Little Glimpse 

As it may seem, you might be lacking some knowledge about the big brother star Wathoni.

Don’t rack your brain too much. This is the purpose of writing this great article. 

Wathoni BBnaija is a woman of high personality and value while she was in the reality tv show. 

She has several works as well as businesses that would be revealed in the Career section of this article below.

First and foremost, let’s go through her biography and early profile and find some interesting information.

Wathoni BBnaija

Biography And Early Life Of Wathoni Bbnaija

Wathoni who bears the full name Florence Wathoni Anyansi was born into a Christian and godly family in the year 1991. 

This means Wathoni BBnaija is a 31-year-old lady as of 2022.

Wathoni hails from Anambra and that is the city she was also given birth to.

Wathoni Educational Background 

The single mom Wathoni BBnaija gained and received a good and quality education that you can even detect from her speech. 

However, details about her education were not found or revealed by her. 

Don’t be sad as bb titans will continue to get more data and as well keep this article updated as always.

Wathoni BBNaija Career

From when she was a little girl, Wathoni BBnaija loved to write a lot. 

She develops good writing skills which her passion follows as well.

She is very talented and the surprising aspect of her career is that she has lots of talents. 

Wathoni BBnaija owns parenting blogs, and a good writing startup, and she can read and speak Swahili fluently and without any errors.

Wathoni BBnaija

Her Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

Wathoni’s plan was to use the big brother show to showcase her talents and skills to the world.

Although she did so, many of her fans and viewers find her interesting in the show.

Her Wins

The single mom Wathoni was eventually evicted like many other housemates but she has come to say she is at first very grateful for being among the chosen ones. 

Coming to the big brother Naija has given her the opportunity to think big and at the moment, she and her son are doing well and great.

Wathoni’s Net Worth

Wathoni had some investments and with her skills plus business, she is worth 100,000 dollars as of 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many nice and important questions to settle about Wathoni and we have discussed that in this article below.

How Old Is Wathoni Bbnaija?

She was born in the year 1991 and this means she is a 31-year-old lady as of the year 2022.

Is She Married At The Moment?

No evidence has been able to prove that she is married

What Are Her Personalities And Hobbies?

She loves staying with people with high and good goals in life. Her hobbies her reading and listening to cool music.