Anto BBNaija Biography, Family, Education, Career, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Anto BBnaija, what did you think about her? The Nigerian American-born actress has some interesting stories to discuss.

Anto Bbnaija

However, you shall learn all that relates to her. Both her biography and early life, excluding her marital status.

Let’s go in as we deal with it all little by little. 

Anto BBnaija Biography And Early Life

The Nigerian -American born Anto goes by the full and real name Munirat Antoinette Lecky.

She was born into a gorgeous family of Mr. and Mrs. Lecky in Newark, New Jersey.

She was born on the 12th of December in the year 1989.

Anto BBnaija was born in the United States but her parents are a native of Edo state.

By tribe, she and her parents are from the Yoruba background and by religion, they are strong Christians.

Anto had a good time with her family and sources claim that she has some other siblings.

Well, there is no solid proof yet as we are still updating the info.

Educational Background Of Anto BBnaija

For her elementary school education, Munirat Antoinette Lecky attended a school known as Charles Walter.

After all, she furthered her secondary education with Dr. Ronals E. McNair.

She didn’t stop there and after she was done with both her primary and secondary school education, she went to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Anto Bbnaija

At the university, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Science. 

After getting that, she intends to get a dual Master’s Degree in Business management at the University of Central Florida.

Her Career

Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is also a model and a known actress.

With all these, she is still a sports activist and now she is a known reality tv star.

Anto BBnaija is a promising lady and as well an energetic being.

She is someone who is very serious and determined with her life.

She has done well in terms of studies and as well skills

How was her journey in big brother Naija’s house? Let’s discuss that in the next section.

Her Journey In The Big Brother Naija House

Looking at her doings and performance in big brother Naija’s house, the beautiful lady Anto BBnaija has wowed a lot of individuals.

The vibes she brought to the show are real and that has attracted a lot of love from her fans and as well her followers.

Although she could not win the show she won our hearts.

Relationship Status Of Anto Bbnaija

In the big brother naija show, Anto Bbnaija seems to be in love with Toni but all proved abortive.

There was a certain time she came online where she said she need a man based on some conditions.

At the moment of writing this article, there is no evidence that she is married.

Her Personality And Hobbies

As a cool and lovable girl, she loves to stay where there is peace and she hates malice.

Her hobbies are cooking, listening to music and having fun.

Net Worth Of Anto BBnaija

She had made a lot of revenue in her business and with all she got, she is worth 300,000 dollars as of the year 2022.